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[Tutorial] How to trim your name to get the Section ID you want


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We've all been there. You're trying to use a certain name and class but it's unfortunately the wrong ID. Adding spaces isn't yielding the result you want and adding random punctuation or alternating caps looks dumb. All you want is just a normal looking name. Well, if you're fine with a few trailing spaces, here's how you can trim a few characters off your entered name (a couple of restrictions apply)


I stumbled upon this phenomenon when I decided to add a roman numeral to the end of my name to nab a certain ID. However, upon creation, for whatever reason, that letter I entered ended up being lost after creation, but I retained my ID! After several hours of trial and error, I finally managed to reproduce what was going on.

How to do it:

NOTE: This, of course, only applies during character creation


  • A Section ID calculator: You can use this site's Section ID calculator found here (To make sure the name you enter is the right ID, of course)
  • A desired name that is 8 characters or less, including spaces (explained below)
  • At least one space that follows your character name
  • One character at the end of your name that will change your section ID (numbers 0-9 are perfect for this, since  you can get any ID with this). Don't worry about what this character is. It will be trimmed.
  • Your hunter's name, including the required space and required trimmed character is 10 characters long

(Quotations from this point on are only there to mark the beginning and end of your character name. As in don't enter them)

For this example, I will use the name "Daylight" on a HUcast 

As you know, player names are limited to 10 characters. Normally, if I were to add spaces at the end of my name to change  my section ID, I'd only have the following options for my ID:

"Daylight"    =    HUcast Whitil    (0 spaces, name length = 8)
"Daylight "   =    HUcast Greenil   (1 space,  name length = 9)
"Daylight  "  =    HUcast Bluefull  (2 spaces, name length = 10)

As it turns out...

If your name contains at least one space between other characters and at least one character lies in the  last spot of the player name length constraints, the last character will be REMOVED when you log in, but you will retain your section ID

So let's say I wanna have Daylight be an Oran HUcast. To do that, I'd enter the name:

"Daylight 8"   =     HUcast Oran     (1 space in 9th spot, an 8 in the 10th/last spot)

When you log in, you will end up with:    

"Daylight "    =     HUcast Oran     (1 space)

Pretty neat, huh? You can swap out the 8 for whatever number you'd like and you'll get a different section ID for each one. 
Doesn't matter what you pick since it gets trimmed!

(Entered Name)         (Result)            (Class, Section ID)

"Daylight 1"	==>    "Daylight "    =    HUcast Viridia 
"Daylight 2"	==>    "Daylight "    =    HUcast Greenil    
"Daylight 3"	==>    "Daylight "    =    HUcast Skyly
"Daylight 4"	==>    "Daylight "    =    HUcast Bluefull
"Daylight 5"	==>    "Daylight "    =    HUcast Purplenum
"Daylight 6"	==>    "Daylight "    =    HUcast Pinkal
"Daylight 7"	==>    "Daylight "    =    HUcast Redria
"Daylight 8"	==>    "Daylight "    =    HUcast Oran
"Daylight 9"	==>    "Daylight "    =    HUcast Yellowboze
"Daylight 0"	==>    "Daylight "    =    HUcast Whitil

As for the trimming effect itself, you can try it out yourself by making a character named

"1234 56789"

When you log in, your name will be:

"1234 5678"

Here are a few other examples:

(Your Entry)    ==>    (Result)
"1234567 89"    ==>    "1234567 8"
"11111111 2"    ==>    "11111111 "
"1 23456789"    ==>    "1 2345678"
"Jonathan 1"    ==>    "Jonathan "
"Jonathan 2"    ==>    "Jonathan "
"Alex     5"    ==>    "Alex     "
"Mag feed 1"    ==>    "Mag feed "
"Chris Rox!"    ==>    "Chris Rox"
"You suck!4"    ==>    "You suck!"

As long as you're cool with having one or more trailing spaces at the end of your name, you'll be able to nail whatever section ID you'd want without having to come up with a new name or resort to using messy capitalization, punctuation, or special characters.

Hope that helps!

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38 minutes ago, Larva said:

There is a ID Calculator in our website xD . But thanks for the super explained tutorial.

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I had it linked already

On 9/23/2017 at 4:13 PM, Exotic said:


  • A Section ID calculator: You can use this site's Section ID calculator found here (To make sure the name you enter is the right ID, of course)


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