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Basically every item is bugged

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Not sure what's going on, logged into the game for the first time in about a year or so, everything seems screwed up in terms of items. For instance monsters are dropped what appear to me as already identified Rare items. found 5 justy rifles off of monsters that don't even drop them. the armor vendors are selling really rare stuff, like god techniques, Divine protections, V501 etc... Weapons guy is selling rare weps too. I'm getting tons of red boxes, but they're clearly not the item they're supposed to be. Most of the bugged units I found give no stats at all. Also, the music is bugging out and going silent randomly and doesn't come back until I enter a new zone. not sure what's going on, would love some help though.

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Try reinstalling.  Your game ia a year old and thee have been numerous updates since.

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I'm about to give the game an update and see if the music is fixed up, but more or less the music was prone to bugging out and stopping typically after the sound that a rare item makes when it drops is when it would happen. Unfortunately, I was getting rare item drops as nearly every drop with the other bug I was describing. I thought I hit the jackpot initially until I realized that the rare items I'd picked up weren't actually rare and the units I found literally did nothing lol. will report back in about half an hour.

Update: good to go with both items and music. 

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