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S>Rare Max Stat Mags (Power Mags)


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Hello Ultima Friends!

I am selling the following -

Max Stat Mags for HUmar / HUnewearl / HUcaseal / RAmar / RAmarl / RAcast / RAcaseal

Per the Ultima max stat thread, max stat mags for the above classes all fall into the range –

POW 124 - 149
DEX 46 - 71


To best suit the needs of the most people possible (and maximize my sales audience ;)) – I have three mags currently at D5/P124/D46/M0 ready to continue feeding until level 200 as soon as order is placed. Specific for mags as followed - 

Nidra (Red)
Mylla & Youlla / Farlla / Pilla

Nidra (Yellow) - SOLD
Mylla & Youlla / Estlla / Pilla

Sato (Blue) - (SOLD)
Mylla & Youlla / Estlla / Pilla


Price for this group is 15 PDs or 3 DTs




Item’s I am looking for, and will accept as trade –

100 HP Mats

125 TP Mats

150 Mind Mats






Mags can take up to 2 days to complete.  Any questions please ask, thank you for looking!


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10 minutes ago, radezz said:

You wont sell a lvl200 mag for 25pds. they go for 15pds.

Oh man. I was asking around in the chat recently and someone said 100 would go for 10-15 and 200 for 20-25.  

Thank you!

8 minutes ago, Ricardo Gomes said:

i pay 20 pd if you make a 25 dex one, 5 def, 0 mind. 

Hey Ricardo! The two I have are already above 25 DEX and not sure when/if ill do another run. 

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