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Challenge Mode group; Looking-For-Group/Making a group


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Hey People...

i´ve read this post and im very happy to hear, that someone is interested in C-Mode.

Im also a long-term GC-Player and i am interested to join your Team in Challenge-Mode :D

I would be very happy to join the C-Mode-Team^^

My Ingame-Name is Insanity and im from Germany

See ya Ingame!


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The reason it's called "J" cutter is because J stands for Japanese. Sealed J-Sword = Sealed Japanese Sword.

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Since no one else is showing much initiative, I'm going to just make C-Mode rooms towards America evenings.

It shouldn't be too hard to S-Rank with random people, as long as they read maps for 5 minutes before stages. 2/4 C-Mode room right now if anyone's reading.

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An update, we played a few hours yesterday around America evening/very late time. It was me, oocombz, nova, a few others including lumille, blank name dude, Jace, and Soge.

Thanks to all who played and helped.

We completed around 4 stages in Ep 1. Stage 1 14:55, stage 2 39:21, stage 3 51:48, stage 8 53:16.

Proud of stage 2's time.

We will try to organize around America night time again today.

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Hey Velociti,

Sorry I didn't get on this weekend for C-mode, I had a friend from out of town want to hang and I don't get to see him much. Anywho I'll be on tomorrow around 7pm EST if you wanna play.



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Chan Mode, me, Saith, Nova (and RRR, rip) completed stages 6, 7, and 9 tonight.

Finally got an S-Rank gun thanks to your efforts. More c-modes will come, i'll keep helping you all still.


Ep 1 Stages Below

1: 14 min 55 sec 2: 39 min 21 sec 3: 51 min 48 sec 4: 58 min 17 sec 5: 25 min 14 sec 6: 46 min 44 sec 7: 46 min 49 sec 8: 53 min 16 sec 9: 1 hour 7 minutes 26 seconds

(total time was something like 6 hours 43 minutes)

Boy that was tiring. Plenty to go through, and ninja stars to obtain still.

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