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How to obtain Cell of Mag 502


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Just obtained this little baby myself (because Pitri is so adorable), so I thought I'd take screenshots as I did it and post it here.


  • A character that is level twenty or over. Only one 502 can be obtained per character.
  • Must be done solo. Although the quest is listed under Event, if more than one person is in the room when the quest starts, you will all crash.

Quest: AOL Cup - Sunset Base.


After you start the quest, warp down to forest one. Just move forward and the first rappy will speak to you. Choose the first option when it comes and skip through the dialogue. After that, just keep walking through forest and don't talk to any rappies, they don't do anything.

After a while, you'll be forced into a conversation with... seven rappies? Skip through this and then go into the next room. Talk to the rappy behind the laser gate.


After talking to this rappy, go east and you'll run into a switch with a bunch of laser gates behind it.


Press this switch and then take the closest path to the switch on the left. Keep following the path and you'll run into a warp. Warp, and then turn a hundred and eighty degrees and take the warp you see. Then move forward after warping to get through the laser gate which will close if you don't do this fast enough. (I understand this explanation is pretty bad, but I'm not sure how to go through this with images.)

After making it through, keep moving forward and press the switch you see and then warp. Go straight forward and you'll see the rappy has been freed from behind the bars. Talk to him and Forest 2 will open.

Once you're in Forest 2, do a lap around the forest until you find this rappy:


Talk to him and you will obtain water. With this water, go back to the start of Forest 2 (you can take a shortcut by moving north and pressing the purple-door switch) and find this rappy:


Give him water and you will obtain a Pretty Butterfly. With this Butterfly, proceed towards the end of Forest 2 (where the Dragon Warp is in Towards the Future -- probably the best explanation I can give, lol.) At the end of Forest 2, you'll run into this:


The rappy on the left will try to talk to you. Skip through this dialogue. After skipping through that dialogue, just move forward towards the rappy behind the laser gate and you will complete the quest.

Obtaining 502

Once the quest has been completed, you still need to follow a few more steps to obtain the mag cell.

Once finished, warp back down to Forest (off the metallic platforms) and find this rappy:


Talk to him and skip through his dialogue. You will obtain Pretty Clothes.

After you obtain the Pretty Clothes, backtrack into the little sideroom which contains this rappy:


Talk to him, and follow this conversation:

You: Allow to Confide

You: That's fine. (or something along these lines.)

After talking to him, run out of the room and turn left. Then go through the laser gate to the right and find this rappy:


Talk to her, and follow this conversation between the two rappies (who will be called Male Rappy and Female Rappy):

Female Rappy: Ask Questions

Female Rappy: Isn't the weather nice?

Female Rappy: Give Clothes

Female Rappy: Ask Questions

Female Rappy: Is there anyone that you like?

Male Rappy: Allow to confide.

Male Rappy: Try to be less vague. (Or something along these lines, I forgot to screen...)

Male Rappy: Um... Needs more work.

Male Rappy: That's fine.

After receiving the letter from the rappy in the sideroom, talk to the female rappy (their names lose me, haha.) and give her the letter. After giving the letter, go back to the male rappy and you will receive 502!


Enjoy. :)

P.S. Would have more images, but I hit the image limit by about +9 or something. xD

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