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Hey guys!


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Wild n00b uses create topic..... It's super effectiv!

Hey all, My name's Andy, Im from Scotland, 18 years of age.

I have been a gamer for the majority of my life.... I need a job.... Anyways, yeah. I have been playing the game recently and it's quite good som im staying, the community in game is either Brazilian or Spanish mostly but I've met a few who speak English and they are great fun.

This server gets a 8/10 so far.

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lol XD its nice you like it jaja me too but i give a 9/10 D well my name its andres but the people call me bizarro in game bizarro if you need someone to play with gime a call haha XD see ya onion-head11.gif Im a gamer too XD gamer life rulz(XD but i have job hehe) D

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Welcome aboard the ship good fellow. I'd do what I can to help you, but I'm kinda burnt out on PSO right now. (Too much farming for Heaven Punisher, lol)

It's always good to have another eager player to come through. Just as long as they obey the rules. lol

I shouldn't have to tell you we don't permit hacking of any sort here.


"Vypor uses Banhammer!"

"Critical hit! It's super effective!"

(Totally in response to your Pokemon reference, lol)

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