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Hiya. I started PSO pc back in 2001 with my friend at the time, sp00ny.

Played here and there, mostly on GC with my friends shane, travis, and cory.

Met a friend in 2007 named Segageek.

Didnt play a whoooole lot for quite awhile, as i got out of school and into my first job...

Met a guy at work, Daniel, in 2010. He played PSO too. We didn't play together though... till now.

We played the xbox version with Cory for 30 hours before switching to PC again (because of Ep.4)

So here we are! We had chars started on Schthack, but their registration has been down (For years?) and the admins were always jerks. We got banned randomly in 2008, with no reason why other than a chat log of someone else sent to me from the admin.

Rather weird.

Anyway, the community here looks amazing! We did a lot of research into all existing PSO servers and even LAN ones...

Hopefully we've found a new home here. :3

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You and your buddies will love it here. We have stupidly large amounts of fun. Get in on the fun with us. Oh, you was standing next to me in lobby 1 when I started writing this on my other PC like 2 hours ago.

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