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  1. Hubby's game crashed when around the giant mothmant area, but i was fine.... for about 3 minutes.... Then mine crashed. D: Also we were having issues with items either a.) being bugged (Not able to pick up) OR Hubby picked up an item (digrinder) but it still showed on my screen (not able to pick up) Problem signature: Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: PsOBw.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 00000000 Hang Signature: 38a5 Hang Type: 16385 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Hang Signature 1: 38a53bed66c17a4dcf016
  2. It's not an enormous bug. It's just like, the HP bars are like 6px north of where they're supposed to be. xD Found another bug with the Dragon's fire holes... (they're black!)
  3. *she but Yeah thanks! I found some bugs with the other players HP bars today... I'll fix em.. someday @_@
  4. Hiya guys! To celebrate the move from Scht to here <3 I've created a retexture pack comprised of a little bit of a lot of stuff. It's got stuff from the PSO2 mod, other peoples mods, and stuff I've created from scratch. It's meant to freshen PSO up a lil bit! It took me about 20hrs of work to learn how to do it and then finish, hope you like it! There's too much to list so.... Highlights -Sunset Loading Screen -Smooth City -Different NPCs -Custom HUD -Custom Font -HD Forest -HD Rappy -Molten Metal Moss Cave 1 -Brick Mines -Grape Ruins Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?p7n86t860jbjg1
  5. I'm looking to make a mod pack with subtle differences in area retexture. I've looked into making my own textures, and it seems pretty difficult in terms of the programming aspect... is there any for caves and ruins besides http://pso.univers-ps.com/bb/skin/listeSkinUS.php5?cat=17 ? The couple that exist for non ultimate seem to be pretty.. gaudy. Alternatively, do any of you guys texture? Would anyone be willing to chat with me to figure it out one of these days? Thanks for any info!!~~ <3
  6. Ruined Serenity isnt complete-able on single player? It should have some sort of warning, it was very long only to be stuck :z
  7. Caiterz


    Hiya. I started PSO pc back in 2001 with my friend at the time, sp00ny. Played here and there, mostly on GC with my friends shane, travis, and cory. Met a friend in 2007 named Segageek. Didnt play a whoooole lot for quite awhile, as i got out of school and into my first job... Met a guy at work, Daniel, in 2010. He played PSO too. We didn't play together though... till now. We played the xbox version with Cory for 30 hours before switching to PC again (because of Ep.4) So here we are! We had chars started on Schthack, but their registration has been down (For years?) and the admins were
  8. Wasn't my account. (IRL PSO party) I'll be able to have him log in after work today for his guild card.
  9. It's not a huge issue at all, but we were playing last night and an item bugged and no one could pick it up. It was a really common item, just like a normal rod or something of the sort. Just wanted to throw that up there, since I didn't see it anywhere. We had a bank crashing issue as well, when depositing meseta. I'm not sure his guildcard # though. I might be able to get that sometime later. :3 Thanks for this server! We're having fun so far!
  10. I have another solution to this issue: "Name: Game patches over and over Cause: You're not using the online.exe or not as administrator mode Symptoms: Your game will keep patching over and over and create a .pat file in your PSOBB root folder. Solution: Run online.exe as administrator and/or rename the PsoBB.exe to PsoBBbackup.exe and the PsoBB.pat to PsoBB.exe" I instaleld PSOBB on 1 netbook, 2 laptops, and a computer last night, and this happened on the netbook and the computer. The fix? After patching over and over, cancel out, hit "Patch Download" in the menu, THEN log in. Worked lik
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