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This is something I've been wondering for awhile. On PSO-World.com when you look at the stats of an armor there tends to be a range of the defensive value and evasion value. For example, Smoking Plate has a defensive value listed as 223-273 and evasion listed as 175-225. I assumed the stats would be different depending on which section ID dropped the armor. If so, which section ID would get max stats for Smoking Plate or how would I go about getting on with max stats? Also, how accurate are the drop charts on this site?

Btw, I know pso-world isn't the best source for information, especially for someone playing on the ultima server.

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Oh okay. Thanks guys. I just got a few standstill shields on a viridia and they all had the exact same stats, that's why I thought section ID mattered. Thanks for the clarification. And I know MG+ would be better than smoking plate.

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