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Hello im selling black crystal, looking for hyrylian shield and good wep whit hit, make a good offer or send me a pm

only have one left! XD

looking for

Hylan shield

hiogota hit

rianov hit

panzer o iron faust hit

exa hit

any good wep hit

virus armor luferia XD

guld mila lol

but i accept any good wep, or good offer

have a nice day XD

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er/... what's that do again? XD

i have both things you want btw

its use to make psycho raven a mech gun for males rangers, and what u have for trade? XD

I have Hylian Shield. What types of weapons are you looking for? Anything in particular?

im looking for any wep whit hit, rianov, panzer faust, or someting good, exa, s rank wep, etc XD

im loking for the hylian shield to

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i offer

hylian shield

grant lv25 disk


hs 40native 30 a.beast 50dark

striker plus

heaven striker coat cell

im interesed for the hylian shield, and higota if have hit, have other thing to offer?

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