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Found 10 results

  1. Take a look and let me know if you want any of it! Name a price Thanks! -----WANT TO BUY----- Liberta Kit D-photon core Adept Ranger stuff (i'm a noob with rangers) Crimson Sword Crush Cannon Psycho Ravens -----SELLING----- -----M A G S----- ELENOR 5/135/60/0 (farlla, Mylla & Youlla, Pilla) -----A R M O R A N D S L O T S----- Heart Container Centurion/Luck SWORDSMAN LORE STANDSTILL SHIELD ELECTRO FRAME (4 slots) BLUE ODOSHI VIOLET NIMAIDOU (0 slots) SENSE PLATE (0 slots) -----W E A P O N S----- FLIGHT CUTTER (0/0/30/0/35) LAVIS CANNON (0/20/0/0/0) (SOLD) DISKA OF BRAVEMAN +9 (0/0/35/25/40) DAYLIGHT SCAR +5 (30/0/0/0/35) DAYLIGHT SCAR (0/0/35/40/20) LAME D'ARGENT (0/0/0/30/0) ZANBA (25/0/40/0/0) RED SWORD (0/0/25/25/0) MONKEY KING BAR (0/0/0/40/0) SOUL BANISH (40/0/0/30/0) OROTIAGITO (0/0/0/0/0) SILENCE CLAW (0/0/0/0/45) ----- M I S C----- Heart of Molorian Amitie's Memo Magic Rock "moola" Magic Rock "Irista" - ARTBOB
  2. I read that we're allowed to trade for cross game stuff as long as the said stuff isn't exclusively obtained via money purchases. With that said, I'd be possibly willing to trade a maxed DF for WoW gold / WoW BoEs on US-Illidan server. If that's acceptable anyway. Lettme know!
  3. Title says it all really, looking for a liberta kit and what price you would want for it.
  4. Hello mate ! You just came on this server, you barely know about PDS (http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/341-photon-drops-info) and already, people are talking about DTS... So what is this strange beast, and how to get your way around that... WHAT IS IT ? In order to maintain the server alive (since well everything come with a price), you have the wonderful possibility to make a donation to the server. When you make a donation, you get what we call DTS or DT, standing for Donation TicketS. 1 DT = 1 $ DTS can then be used for at least two things : - Redeeming things in this list : https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/announcement/13-item-list-donations/ - Trading with other players How to get it ? First, you need to visit this page : https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/donate/make-donation/ When you've been through the procedure, you will then receive a automatic personal message (pm) from @Larva, with "New Donation" as the title. (Larva will most probably never read it, so don't lose your time trying to answer him ^^) Just to be sure, the message will be the following : What to do with it ? 1. To redeem for donation list item/service In that pm, you will see at the top something like (outside the Conversation box area) : Click on "add" and enter the name of one of the GM (@cyane and @Soly by example) Then, if you want to redeem for something in the donation list. Well, make a nice post in that pm asking for what you want. The GM will put the item on one of your character (first slot by default, but if you're online with your first character it will be on second slot, something like that). You can also ask a GM on the chat or in game. If they have enough time and you ask nicely enough =) they will ask you to "up the pm" which means you have to post in the pm where your DTs are so that they can see it. They can then join you in a room in game and redeem on the spot. 2. To trade with a player - Add the player to the pm (yes still the one with your DTS, that you get from that Larva) the same way you've added the GM before (even if you do not redeem, DO ADD A GM before adding someone else). That way, people knows that you have enough DTS to make the trade. - Post a message in this pm saying something like : "x DTS to thatguy" where 'x' is the number of DTS and 'thatguy' is the pseudo of the trader (the forum pseudo). You can also write a true sentence like "I give x DTS to thatguy for that item and also that" - The trader will give you what he/she promised you in exchange of the dts. It will happen in game, you need to make a party (with password or not, free to you) and the trader will join the room (if you told him the room's name and the password via pm before, of course) and give you what he/she owes you (according to the terms of your previous agreement). Simply put : Add the trader to the pm > post how much you give him > make a room and share the name/password with the trader > get your items A bit of informations about trading... People used to trade 15 DTS for 99 PDS, so like 1 DTS for 6.6 PDS That is not set in stone and will depend on the market/trader, obviously. Key points -DTS are stored as post on the forum in your PMs, therefore it's not an in game item. -You need to add people to the pm with your DTS in order to sell them. -You need to be added to the pm with other people's DTS in order to buy them. -If you have DTS in many different PMs, you need to ask a GM to move them all in one PM in order to be able to use them as a whole. (if you wanna buy something worth 10 DTS and you have 2 PMs with 5 DTS each, gather them first before the trade) -In order to move your DTS, the GM must first be added in both pm. -When you don't have any DTS left in a pm, you may leave this pm. Make really sure there is nothing left. -Obvious but : only GM can redeem things from the Donation List. You just don't need to meet them in game in order to get the items. Tips -Most of the time, it is CHEAPER to just get the item from the players than from the Donation List. So don't get in a hurry, take your time to ask people around. They will not eat you, eventually. -When 15 dts = 99 pds, it is cheaper to sphere your weapons with dts than with pds. 15 dts get you + 35 % where 99 pds get you + 30 % (don't even argue with yourself, YES, 5 % is a big difference ^^) -Do not trade all of your pds in dts. You need to keep some pds in your bank (like 50-99 would be a good thing ^^ optimally ofc) because some GM's event will ask you for pds every once in a while, and at that time the dts value is greatly decreased. -Considering the above point, try to think that way : only trade your pds for dts when you need it and no more than the amount you need. PDs will most likely always be a more reliable value than DTs. That's it for now. If I made some mistakes (I must have ! One cannot be just flawless...), please feel free to correct me and point out what's wrong. If it's incomplete, well post your two cents and I will add it (with credits !) to that post. If you have a question... do I need to hold your hand ?
  5. Selling: Demolition Comet 10/0/0/25|25 1PD Mahu 0/25/30/0|25 1PD Slicer Of Assassin 0/15/0/0|30 1PD x89 Mind Materials 6:1PD, 14PDs for the lot x33 Power Materials 5:1PD, 6PDs for the lot Buying: Adept 3DTs Heaven Punisher 50H+ Offers Wanted Iron Faust 50H+ Offers Wanted Yas 9000m 50H+ Clean or with Charge Offers Wanted
  6. I've never been much into trading, the main reason being that I'm too lazy as it may require a lot of time to maintain your trade list(s) and to carry out trades due to both parties not always being available at the same time, often thanks to conflicting time zones. I had an account on Schthack for almost 8 years but in all my time there I only made 2-3 trade topics, and I don't think I've even had one here on Ultima. As a result I've accumulated tons of crap that I'd like to get rid of. Anyway, there's something I wanted to discuss as the topic title suggests, please read carefully though. As I used to spend huge amounts of time hunting specific weapons on Schthack (and I do the same here), I ended up with quite many of them, just often not quite with the stats I desired. When I was making one of my trade topics, I came up with the idea of listing all I have of a certain weapon, calculating the PD price from a low base rate and the additional photon attributes - the premise being that these are weapons you'd want to sphere anyway, so rather than paying 20/99 PDs in Gallon's Shop for 5%/30%, you'd just pay 1 PD more for each 5 or 10% on the weapon which obviously is a lot cheaper than sphering. This also saved me the hassle of negotiating for a price, which was quite a point for me. Yes, you could always just hunt the weapon yourself but for some players it proved too difficult or they just couldn't be bothered, or you could end up with a drop that has bad or even no attributes at all (effectively equal to a BPD weapon), hence this was a viable option for them, as the following example will prove, taken from an old trade thread I had back on Schthack - Panzer Fausts. Note this is NOT a list of PFs I have here on Ultima, though I probably do in fact have a similar amount in my bank. Most of them sold in 2 or 3 days: Obviously I won't apply the same pricing structure here, this was back on Schthack when it was in its prime so a lot of PDs were in circulation so you can't compare the value to what it is currently on Ultima. Let's not forget there also was no donation ticket option to "buy" 35% or 20 hit, hit wasn't required as much as on Ultima anyway, a hitless Iron Faust was fine - though I'm using a hitless one on here too and I find it works well enough for the most part. Well, the Panzer Faust is a special case though as you'll inevitably spend another 50 PDs to make it into Iron Faust ... a few more PDs for additional % won't be a big deal I guess. Finally, I believe pricing should also depend, to some extent, on how difficult it is to hunt a particular item. With the abundance of rare enemies (especially during green names), hunting something like Frozen Shooter or Vivienne is trivial compared to drops like Panzer Faust, Spread Needle or event-only weapons. So, this is my general idea, what do you think? If you disagree that's fine as I'm well aware you can't please all the people. I'm merely testing the waters.
  7. Looking for pds. Armor: Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou 2pds Mother Garb+ send offer Crimson Coat 1pd Units: 4x Perfect/Resist 0,5pd 1x Cure/Poison 0,5pd 3x Cure/Slow 0,5pd 1x Cure/Shock 0,5pd 1x Cure/Confuse 0,5pd 2x V501 2pds 8x Heavenly/Legs 0,5pd 5x Heavenly/Power 1pd 1x Heavenly/Ability 1pd 1x Heavenly/Luck 1pd Miscellenious: Heaven Striker Coat 2pds Weapons: Ophelie Seize 0/25/15/35 2pds Cannon Rouge 0/15/25/25 1pds Daylight Scar +25 0/35/25/15 2pds Demolition Comet 35/40/0/35 send offer Sange & Yasha +30 0/0/0/0/15 send offer Frozen Shooter 10/0/0/0/30 2pds Kaladbolg 40/0/0/0/50 1pd Demolition Comet 35/40/0/35 2pds Monkey King Bar 0/0/0/35 3pds Techs: Gifoie 29 1pd Deband 29 1pd Rabarta 29 1pd Resta 30 1pd Materials: Power Material 200x Mind Material 50x
  8. UPDATED 3-11-2014 Hello I am new here, and i'm starting a constantly updating (hopefully) shop. I will be selling things that i can not use myself or have a high value. I am not experienced in PSO so i may need help to determine prices for some of the stuff. I may take a few hours to get back to you on an offer if i don't know the value. I accept Trades and i'm always looking to buy cool items. Anyone who can do price checks on my stuff it would be really appreciated, since i like to give fair prices. I know my stuff isn't currently the best, but over time my shop will grow and become maybe one of the best. Format of the shop: This shop will be formatted this way name of the item: percentages (Native, A.Beast, Machine, Dark, Hit): price All prices are open for negotiation. Best Items! Kroe's Sweater Sange&Yasha:0,30,0,0,35 Weapons: If a weapon has "many in stock," is currently discounted price. Striking Master's Claymore: 45,0,0,0,45 Frost Claymore: 0,50,0,0,50 Daylight Scar 25,0,0,30,0 Shock Gladius 25,0,0,0,50 Frost Claymore 0,50,0,0,50 Charge Berdys 0,0,0,5,45 Kaladbolg:25,25,0.0.0 Durandal:0,0,15,20,0 Flowen's Sword: many in stock Last Survivor: many in stock Vjaya:0,25,0,0,0 Gae Bolg: many in stock Diska of Liberator: many in stock Diska of Braveman: many in stock Silence Claw: many in stock Double Saber: 0,0,35,0,0 Angry Fist: many in stock Agito: many in stock Sting Tip: 0,0,0,5,0 Elysion: many in stock Madam's Parasol: 0,0,0,0,0 Flight Cutter: many in stock Yamato: 0,5,20,0,0 Sange: 0,20,0,0,0 Db's Saber: many in stock Demolition Comet: 0,30,0,20,0 Vivienne: many in stock Flapjack Flapper: 30,0,0,0,0 Windmill: many in stock Cross Scar: many in stock Tempest Gungnir: 0,50,50,0,30 Chaos Gungir: 50,50,0,0,30 Chaos Diska: 0,0,50,50,30 Slicer of Assassin: 15,0,0,0,25 Sonic Knuckle: 0,0,25,0,0 Toy Hammer: 0,0,20,0,0 Crazy Tune: 25,0,0,20,0 Red Dagger: 0,30,0,25,0 Dragon's Claw: 0,0,0,0,0 Synthesizer: 0,0,15,0,0 Blade Dance: 0,25,25,0,0 Gae Bolg: many in stock Victor Axe: 0,0,0,10,0 Elysion: 0,10,5,0,20 DB's Saber: 0,35,35,0,0 Demo Comet: 0,35,0,45,0 Tyrell's Parasol: 20,0,0,0,0 Flamberge: 0,0,40,0,0 (hopes to one day be a gun) Soul eater: 0,0,40,0,20 Guns: L&K14 combat: 0,35,0,40,50 Red Handgun: 25,25,0,0,0 Charge Launcher 0,0,0,20,50 Fire Beam:0,0,0,35,50 Yasminkov 7000v 0,0,0,0,0 Hell Raygun 0,0,0,15,30 Hold Raygun 0,0,5,0,50 Hold Beam 0,35,0,0,50 Charge Gatling 5,0,0,0,50 Charge Raygun: 0,0,0,5,50 Varista: 0,0,20,0 Berserk laser:35,30,30,0,0 Charge Laser: 5,0,0,0,45 Wals-MK2: 15,0,15,0,0 Justy-23st: many in stock H&S25 Justice: many in stock L&K14 Combat: many in stock Crush Bullet: many in stock Meteor Smash: 0,0,20,0,0 Final Impact: 35,0,0,0,0 Inferno Bazooka: 0,0,0,20,0 Flame Visit: 0,0,0,0,0 Frozen Shooter: many in stock Yasminikov 3000R: 0,40,0,0,0 Guilty Light: many in stock Red Scorpio: 0,30,0,0,0 Angel Harp: 0,0,0,0,0 Ruby Bullet: 0,45,40,0,35 Drain Launcher: 0,0,5,0,50 Hell Arms: 0,50,50,0,30 Charge Railgun: 0,0,0,5,50 Shadow Beam: 0,0,0,50,50 Charge Launcher: 0,0,0,20,50 Ohpelie Seize: 0,0,40,0,0 arrest vulcan: 0,50,0,50,30 burning vulcan: 50,0,50,0,30 hold Gatling 50 hit fire gatling 50 hit Mind Launcher 50 hit Baranz Launcher 40 hit charge ano bazooka 50 hit ruby bullet 0,45,40,0,35 Bringer's Rifle: 50 hit Hell Raygun: 0,0,0,15,30 Tech/Card: Club of laconium 30,0,0,0,0 Fire Scepter: Agni: 0,0,20,0,0 Storm WandL Indra: 0,20,0,0,0 Earth Wand Brownie: 0,0,15,0,15 Caduceus: many in stock Rabbit Wand: 0,40,0,0,0 Branch of PakuPaku: many in stock Heart of Poumn: 0,15,0,0,0 Talis: 0,25,0,0,40 Mahu: many in stock Summit Moon: 50 hit lol Armor: my armor will be formatted like this; name. slots if you would like to check stats just ask 4 slot armor: many in stock : 1 pd each Aura Field: many in stock Select Cloak: many in stock Lieutenant Gear: 1 slot red odoshi Black Hound Cuirass Red Odoshi Domaru Sacred Cloth Aura Field Tempest Cloak Guard Wave Flowen's Frame Red Coat Lieutenant Gear Shields: Light Relief Regenerate Gear Custom barrier ver 00 Secure Feet Purple Ring Tripolic Reflector Units: Hero/ability God/Mind God/HP God/Body HP/Revival Devil/Battle Cure/Slow Cure/Confuse Cure/Shock Heavenly/Power Heavenly/HP Heavenly/Legs Heavenly/Arms Divine Protection Noob/HP Centurion/Ability Misc: Game Magazine: (rare collector's item) Hiledeblue's Head delsaber's right arm hildebear's head magic rock "moola" Add slots: 4:1 Spells: more will come soon Level 15 = 2 for 1 pd Current Stock: Gibarta Barta Gifoie Razonde Rabarta Level 20= 1 for 1 pd Current Stock: Resta Razonde level 29=2pd Gifoie Zonde level 28=1pd barta resta Mags: Prices are steep but the work is hard 5/150/45/0 Sato- 20 pd 25/150/25 Tellusis - 20 pd Custom mags - 30 pds Mag Cells for sale: Dreamcast Sega Saturn Genesis Master System Mark3 Rappy's Wing
  9. Hi! I am looking for Naka's Card, I will buy with what ever i got. Hopefully i got somthing good for it but yeah. Look at my trade list down below in my signture for the link to my trade list. PM me or massage me for offer or trade. It will be faster for me to know if somone is contacting me or not. Thanks
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