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Found 10 results

  1. I accept PDs/DTs - 7PDs:1DT Nidra [Black][5/150/45/0][Mylla&Youlla|Leila|Pilla] 30pd Varaha [Yellow][50/0/0/150][Golla|Estilla|Mylla&Youlla] 30 Marica [Black][6/164/30/0][Mylla&Youlla|Leila|Pilla] 25 Sato [Fuchia][50/50/50/50][Mylla&Youlla|Estilla|Golla] 20 Sato [Pink][5/150/45/0][Mylla&Youlla|Leila|Pilla] 30 Sato [Black][6/150/44/0][Mylla&Youlla|Leila|Pilla] 30 Sato [Red][50/150/0/0][Pilla|Leila|Golla] 30 Nidra [Brown][6/134/60/0]Mylla&Youlla|Estilla|Pilla] 25 Nidra [White][35/95/35/35][Golla|Estilla|Mylla&Youlla] 20 Nidra [White][5/0/45/150][Mylla&Youlla|Leilla|Pilla] 30 Nidra [Red][5/0/45/150][Mylla&Youlla|Leilla|Pilla] 30 God/Power x4 1pd God/Mind x1 1 God/Power x3 1 God/Luck x1 1 Hero/Ability x4 1 Perfect/Resist x2 1 HP/Revival x4 1 God/Technique x1 1 Devil/Battle x1 1 Cure/Poison x5 1 Cure/Freeze x1 1 V801 x4 3 Heavenly/Battle x4 2 Heavenly/Power x4 2 Heavenly/Arms x4 2 Heavenly/Luck x3 2 Heavenly/TP x1 2 Centurion/Luck x4 2 Centurion/Body x4 3 Centurion/HP x4 3 Monogrinder x99[x2] 5:1pd Digrinder x99[x2] 5:2 Trigrinders x99 5:3 Evade Material x99[x2] 10:1 Mind Material x99 5:1 Def Material x99 5:1 Ecape Doll x130 10:1 Spells - lv15/lv20 1pd, lv29/lv30 2pd Anti lv4 x10 1pd Anti lv5 x3 1 Anti lv7 x1 2 Foie lv15 x1 Barta lv15 x9 Zonde lv15 x4 Gifoie lv15 x8 Gibarta lv15 Gizonde lv15 x6 Rafoie lv15 x10 Rabarta lv15 x4 Resta lv15 x5 Shifta lv15 x4 Deband lv15 Jellen lv15 x3 Foie lv20 x5 Barta lv20 x5 Zonde lv20 x5 Gifoie lv20 x3 Gibarta lv20 x3 Gizonde lv20 Rafoie lv20 x4 Rabarta lv20 x5 Razonde lv20 x3 Resta lv20 x6 Deband lv20 x4 Jellen lv20 x4 Zalure lv20 x1 Grants lv21 x1 1pd Megid lv21 x1 1 Grants lv23 x1 1 Grants lv24 x2 1 Megid lv25 x2 2 Megid lv26 x1 2 Grants lv28 x1 7 Foie lv29 x4 Barta lv29 x3 Zonde lv29 x5 Gifoie lv29 x8 Gibarta lv29 x2 Gizonde lv29 x4 Rafoie lv29 x1 Rabarta lv29 x3 Razonde lv29 x1 Resta lv30 x8 Deband lv30 x3 Jellen lv30 x4 Zalure lv30 x3
  2. I will keep this as up to date as possible to reflect accurate availability. I'll also try and post/update prices as I do the research and PC> things of interest. I will keep the prices list as well to try and give folks an idea of what some of them might go for. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to make them. Thank you for looking and happy hunting! Weapons: Armor/Shields/Units: Stuff and Things: Wants: PDs/DTs (7 PD:1 DT) are preferred. Currently looking for RR/costumes, Luck Materials, uwu's and CCA runs from @EDEN-senpai ~~~ Twitch Stream
  3. wtb lv 20 techs S/D/J/Z PM with your price please.
  4. I need Level 30 Techs. Every Tech.
  5. Popular setups Among Fo's: Coming Soon...
  6. Here are The numbers for Technique Disk drops. http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1004
  7. I'm running out of space, therefore, time to sell. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN BUYING ANY OF THESE ITEMS, PM ME AN OFFER AND WE'LL DISCUSS A TRADE. Weapons Stag Cutlery 20/30/0/0/30 Boomerang 5/0/0/0/0 Guilty Light 0/40/35/0/20 Last Survivor 0/0/0/0/30 Dragon Slayer 0/35/0/0/40 Dragon Slayer 0/30/25/0/30 Cross Scar 0/35/0/40/45 Gae Bolg 0/0/30/0/30 Diska of Braveman 0/0/0/50/35 Berserk Vulcan 25/0/15/0/40 Demon's Vulcan 0/0/0/40/40 Photon Claw 0/0/0/20/25 Red Saber 25/30/0/0/30 Meteor Cudgel 0/0/0/50/40 Armors Sense Plate No Slots Graviton Plate 1 Slot Guard Wave No Slots Aura Field 4 Slots Sacred Cloth 4 Slots Sacred Cloth No Slots Select Cloak No Slots Alliance Uniform 4 Slots Commander Uniform 3 Slots Lieutenant Gear 1 Slot Shields Regenerate Gear Custom Barrier ver. 00 Standstill Shield Secure Feet Striker Plus Units God/HP x 3 God/Body x 5 God/Luck Perfect/Resist x 3 Cure/Paralysis x 2 Heavenly/Battle God/Power V501 Centurion/Power Techs Resta Lvl 30 Deband Lvl 30 Rabarta Lvl 20
  8. Howitzer

    SHOP :>

    I messed up XD just keep clicking on Reveal Hidden Content
  9. GunsHeaven striker 0/35/40/40 >30pd Mille Martreux+11 30/0/0/0>28 pd Demon`s Laser 0/0/50/50 hit 50 > 8pd OPHELIE SEIZE 35/0/35/0 > 1pd Berserk vulcan 0/15/0/0 hit 40 >7pd ArmorCongeal Cloak 1 slot> 1 pd Select Cloak 4 slot>2 pd Crimson Coat 1slot >2 pd Lietenant Mantle 2 slot> 8 pd Aura field 0 slot >1 pd ShieldKasami Bracer >1pd Striker Plus>2pd UnitsH/arm >1 pd H/hp >1pd god/mindx2 = 1pd TechGibarta lvl 29 =1pd Gizonde lvl 28=1pd Resta lv 27= 1pd Resta lv 25 1 pd Gifoie lv 25 1 pd Barta lv 24 1 pd Rod/Wand/StaffMace of adaman, ice staff : dragon, elysion, windmill, decalog >1pd Sig of God >1 pd Twinkle Star> 3pd Earth wand Brownie = offer Chamaleon Scythe > 8 pd OtherDiska of Braveman 0/40/25/0 hit 35 = 4 pd kit of Dreamcast =? Gal Gryphon's wing>1pd Daylight Scar+25 0/25/25/30 > 5pd Rappy mind mag 15/0/5/180 >18 pd PM !
  10. I'm looking for the following techs Post (or pm) your price Foie 20 30 Zonde 20 30 Barta 30 Gifoie 30 Gizonde 30 Gibarta 20 30 Rafoie 30 Razonde 30 Rabarta 30 Grants 30 Megid 30 Anti 7(2) Deband 20 Zalure 30
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