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Found 16 results

  1. Welcome to my shop! I prefer pd's but DT's are at a 7:1 ratio. I live in the UK so i'll try to reply asap if you want to buy something! Last updated: 18/07/2020 Swords Dragon Slayer [0/0/0/35|50] - 5pd Dragon Slayer [0/0/35/0|50] - 5pd Sil Dragon Slayer [0/0/35/0|45] - 15pd Vjaya [25/0/0/0|35] - 4pd Vjaya [0/0/0/0|35] - 4pd Vjaya [0/0/35/0|40] - 10pd Asteron Belt [40/35/0/0|35] - 4pd Diska of Braveman [45/0/0/0|40] - 4pd Diska of Braveman [35/0/0/0|45] - 4pd Vivienne [0/0/0/0|50] - 4pd Vivienne [0/0/0/0|50] - 4pd Ultima Reaper [40/0/25/0] - 7pd Ultima Reaper [40/35/30/0] - 12pd Ultima Reaper [50/55/35/0] - 20pd Lame D'argent [0/0/0/40] - 7pd Boomerang [40/0/0/35|45] - 18 DT Guns Berserk Arms [0/40/0/40|50] - 7pd Spread Needle [40/0/40/35] - 5pd Arrest Needle +60 [0/0/0/0|30] - 50pd Frozen Shooter [0/0/0/50|35] - 3pd Master Raven [0/0/0/45] - 6pd Master Raven [0/0/0/50] - 8pd Last Swan [0/0/0/50|30] - 18pd Last Swan [0/0/0/0|40] - 28pd Angel Harp [55/0/0/30|40] - 5pd Angel Harp [0/0/50/45|45] - 7pd Lindcray [0/0/30/50] - 15pd Force Psycho Wand [0/40/0/0] 6pd Psycho Wand [0/40/0/0] 6pd Rico's Parasol [0/0/35/0|25] - 58pd Other Stuff Gael Giel [3/182/15/0] [Mylla & Youlla/Leilla/Golla] - 18 DT Tellusis [3/182/15/0] [Pilla/Estlla/Golla] - 20pd Wedding Dress [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 0] - 50pd (Can give addslots for free if needed) Wedding Dress [DEF: 0/100 | EVP: 0/40] [Slots: 4] - 50pd Wedding Dress [DEF: 0/100 | EVP: 0/40] [Slots: 0] - 50pd Wedding Dress [DEF: 20/100 | EVP: 9/40] [Slots: 4] - 55pd Centurion/Ability - 4pd Centurion/Ability - 4pd Centurion/Ability - 4pd Centurion/Ability - 4pd Magic Rock "Heart Key" - 18pd Magic Rock "Heart Key" - 18pd Blue-Black Stone - 18pd Blue-Black Stone - 18pd Mr. Naka's Business card - 35pd Mr. Naka's Business card - 35pd CHROMATIC ORB - 45pd CHROMATIC ORB - 45pd
  2. B>Spread Needle with hit PMme
  3. Looking for spread with hit! 40+ and preferably other stats il pay in dts hit me up
  4. Stark 1

    S> SoV

    Selling SOV and some other stuff Want Donation Tickets or Photon Drops Slicer of Vengeance [0/0/0/100|80] Arrest Needle +13 [0/0/0/40|50] Glide Divine V.00 Spread Needle [45/0/0/0|0] Spread Needle [40/0/30/0|0] [Untekked]
  5. Hello, Looking to buy a spread needle with hit and maybe some other stats please send me offers. I will trade, and also could go for a arrest bneedle
  6. If you find something you like, just message me and we'll figure a price out. I try to be fair with prices. Accepting pds or dts, whatever you have, really. Most of the weapons have some kind of hit percentage.
  7. S> 40 dark 40 hit spread needle 0/0/0/40/40 pm offers : )
  8. Compro Spread Needle. Pago em PD. Favor responder informando o status da arma (%).
  9. Hi everybody, I'm looking for a spread needle with 40+% native and 40+% machine, pm with offers! Thanks (; Can be slightly lower but please nothing less than 30%
  10. Close This Please. I found a Spread Needle.
  11. Topic can be closed.
  12. So I've been thinking about whether or not I should spend my PDs/DTs on an SN or not, and I decided that I probably should because it'd help most. So I'm looking for a high (preferably 45+) hit SN now, and have around 130 PDs and 10-15 DTs to offer for one. Only issue is finding a seller, because who wants to sell an SN like that? A.b/D %s are also very welcome, but that's just pushing my luck even further. Anyways, PM me or find me in game if you have one! Edit: I also have a PoST that I could use for trade if somebody offers a good enough AN. Didn't really think of that until now..
  13. Hit is not necessary. PM me or pust below.
  14. Preferably, all will have hit, and maybe A.beast or dark. If it doesn't have hit or percents, it's fine! PM me if you have any of these bad boys here. Hunter Weapons CHAIN SAWD LAME D' ARGENT EXCALIBUR PSYCHO RAVEN RED SWORD ZANBA Ranger Weapons HEAVEN PUNISHER HEAVEN STRIKER SPREAD NEEDLE x2 YASMISNKOV 9000M Armor/Units ADEPT CENTURION/ARMS FROM THE DEPTHS HYLIAN SHIELD LIMITER RED RING WEDDING DRESS Reply here or PM if you have any, thanks for stopping by
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