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Found 9 results

  1. I went to grab my 7 photon drops out of my bank. I got logged out, and when I logged back in, they were gone.
  2. I lost 2 of my No0b/Hps today when taking them out of the common bank I got disconnected and upon logging back in the items were gone. Can anyone help me? Guild Card: 42162276 Character slot: 4
  3. Someone left some items on the floor and then left me alone im waiting in the room to see if they come back for them just want to make sure im not stealing anything that belongs to someone. the items they left are X2 red saber's and X2 cross scar the person who dropped it has the name 9.
  4. Hi! I transfered these items to my main character, to convert them into weapons , but when i tried to convert the first bringer arm, i got dcd and the arm was lost. ¿Any chance of restore it? Thank you. Guild card : 42147498, Slot : 2 Server time : 1:10 - 1:20 pm
  5. I was transferring a mag from my force to my ranger and it disappeared in the bank. It happened at 12:09AM CST 3/24/2015. I don't have a current picture of it, just the first form... It was level 163 Diwari. I know the stats and attacks it had. I really would like to get it back since aside from the Sato I'm currently working on it's the first successful rare mag I've managed to create using a guide. The stats were 5/45/113/0. with the attacks, estilla, pilla, and the twins Character: Wrose.0 Guildcard Number: 42147279 Oh and idk if it helps at all, but the room that I used to place the mag, and went to pick it back up was a room called mag with a character named Nillo in it.
  6. I wanted to change the colors on my clothes so i went in the dressing room and then i got an "error" after i used it and bugged out.. So when i logged in again my character was Lv 1 again and i had lost all my stuff. i dont have any pictures before the rollback.. I was lv 115 FOnewearl before the "error" Name: Fexen Slot: 1 Guild card: 42120746 The time when my character was ok was 08-15, 7:00 Pm after that i lost everything.
  7. I was doing a trade, when i droped some pds got dc'd, when i relogged i found that i lost a Frozen Shooter here are the stats of it
  8. Lost my lvl 200 sato when larva restarted the server with no warning any ideas on how to get my sato back? Character name: Koneko
  9. My old character was corrupt when i came back to the server 2 weeks ago 2 days ago i went on my charater(Ranger Fl) and all items and weapons said ???? as its name
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