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Found 4 results

  1. hi, ys, fellow grinders, corahhhiitttolliiiwall tionist. or occassional bummer. i am back the max. to show all the ep2 monsters a fight, long stressfu: high brain activity over doses of b vitamins, littel rythm, and tired from hard days at work l, nights run onsentence. i want to organize something with teams or by joining teams, for a winter heav grind in attempt to capture an olgla kill that has only happen but a few times for me. i am a harder hitter and can pattern out some tanky runs. with litte agility. looking forward to every night run.
  2. Hello people. My game was ok up to the update. After the update it started to open in a small window (running by online.exe). I already tried different configurations in options, but does not solve. When open by launcher.exe it always give an error, no matter what I do. System is XP. I already added an exception in antivirus. Please help Thank you.
  3. HEY-O, i downloaded the most recent update for the game, and when i went to launch it it does nothing. I click start from the Launcher and it just closes, nothing else, the resolution is fine, i can support them all. any ideas? help would be awesome. THAX My PC has W10 on it if it helps Edit: i think i know what my problem is... i dont own a copy of PSO so its just trying to launch the server without the game... derp
  4. It's that time again! Noob Game show 2 is about to begin! N-O-O-B-G-A-M-E KOI KOI yeah that was just done anyways the first 10 people who post in this thread and report to block 2 lobby 11 will get to play the game show. Here are the prizes for the game show. 1st place prize - 35 hit slicer of fanatic, and 15 pds 2nd place prize - 20 pds people in Claire Tank Suro Makoto cancelled due to no one really caring that much lol. I'll try it again tomorrow or something
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