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Found 5 results

  1. Here a Guide to Play as the Boss DRAGON on any difficult. Requirements quest: TTF Ultima or Towards the Future minimum 2 Players maximum 4 Playerrs only Room Leader can be the DRAGON After the DRAGON dies, the Player dies too and wont get the EXP Enter the Quest, go as usual to Forest 2 and kill all enemies. If you Walk back to the Blue teleport which leads back to Pionier 2, some more enemies will appear. Kill them all, then go on. Right at the First door will appear another Monster. He spawns in about 30 seconds After u enter the door. after this one you cant miss any enemies now. So go on and kill the Last few of them till you reach the Boss Portal. Set a Ryuker or Telepipe and Head back to Pionier 2. Talk to the Lady in Black at the Pipe you just Set. (Near the Bank) She give you an Access Code. Now go down to Forest 2 again and head back to the Blue Teleporter. Inside that Room is a Terminal. Activate it. Hit "Yes". Now Move through the Boss Portal. Explore and enjoy your new gained Powers.
  2. Here's a quick way to break out of ice. Many people seem to get frustrated or are unaware of this trick so I thought I would make a video demoing and explaining it. Let me know what you think! I have another fun video idea planned in the future -CM/Phenom/Yusuke/Sophie
  3. This has been happening for the past couple of days. About half of the time, bosses do not drop any item. I mean they drop literally nothing, not even meseta or a monomate. I was playing with a friend today and this was still happening, but not for him. We killed Dark Falz and I didn't see any item as usual, but he saw a Saber. He picked it up and dropped it, but I still didn't see it. We went to town and he tried dropping it there. It made me get disconnected. What is going on? I know Soly is working on a new Drop by Player system, so could this be related somehow?
  4. Hello Everyone. This is my first time making a topic. I do hope this is the right area! I played through Government Quest 9-8: The Final Cycle on Ultimate Mode. Kondrieu appeared at the end. I defeated him. (This was my first time fighting against any episode 4 boss.) The problem is, I don't think he dropped any item. Not even Meseta or a Saber. So my question is, if Kondrieu drops an item, where does he drop it? And is it possible that he drops nothing at all? After I beat Kondrieu, the only items that I found were inside boxes around that giant green egg thing. (I'm bluefull if it matters. So I had a 50% chance of getting a Siren Glass Hammer.) I watched videos of other people beating him, and sometimes Kondrieu crashes through stone walls opening up a few small new areas. Kondrieu never did that for me. I stayed by the glowing egg in the center the entire fight, and so did he. So I guess I was afraid that the drop was somewhere I couldn't get to or something. If someone could offer me any info, that'd be great!
  5. My friends and I are playing on mines normal difficulty at the boss. after 2 screens left and center piece dropped the boss just stopped showing up. Time 11:49PM CST. Players: Talia - 1st slot - 42147962
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