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  1. hope u ingame soon larva, since i still need u to fix my armour
  2. Hey any chance of getting a possible drop chart specific to this server? ive noticed some drops different to any other char ive seen, though its vary simmilar to the old ep4 charts its not exactly the same. and maybe some knowledge of drop rates on some of the harder items? like lame,j-sword,heavenly punisher, i assume its around 1/600 for lame from dophan, 1/12000 for j-sword gi gue and 1/220 for punisher hildetorr but who knows!
  3. ill be honest though, since this game is 99% about farming items, some items are way way way to rare. i mean besides quests, to actually farm a j-sword would take on average over 300hrs. ur looking at a simmilar amount for heaven punisher. maybe slightly less.
  4. ok so i logged out earlier logged back in units seemed equiped on lobby, when i log in amrour got no slot heres pic of it when i added slot, earlier
  5. ok ty i wont bother trying to farm it then haha
  6. i tryed it again just now "japanese writing 5" under ep4 event, only got option to make, Hp,tp,Pb create and heavenly technique..... i also have problems on ep2, some places make me disconnect.. very buggy client. reinstalling/downloading didnt seem 2 help. nvrmind, i forgot 2 read the small jap text.. takes u to next and previous page.. sorry.. me being a baaka
  7. just wondering whether parasitic gene is even implemented on this server? i know the original sega servers never allowed the drop, but is it here? what sort of drop rate? i guess only larva will know, unless u have personally dropped one
  8. hmm ty for guide but i couldnt find clair deal 5 at all here, claire 4 is here though, maybe i just looking wrong place..
  9. donated antoher 15dollar cos i enjoy your serv, ingame- tae/rifle-kun
  10. nevermind u have to do the government quests on normal
  11. so i got a problem at the moment i wanna play addictive food quest. u need to finish all tier 1 quests and forrest of sorrow, which ive done, in fact ive completed all 9 of the first quests you get, but i cannot unlock any quests which require you to complete forest etc, even by beating the bosses, probably because you cannot talk to the principal?? im not sure, anyways this is on ultimate mode.
  12. i donated u 5dollar i hope everyone else does so this server can get some more stable server! good luck
  13. hey im new 2, i got a charachter on schthack lvl120 ish but im not a fan of the oppressive lvl up rate, also i dunno if this server got improved drop rate or something, since thats something pso needs trying getting a j sword or mille marteux on schthack will take u best part of ur life
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