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  1. Updating to the latest files worked! Thank you so much. All that's left is figuring out how to refine the floor reader to only show stuff I wanna see. Any hints as to where to begin?
  2. I got the latest version installed after using the old Floor Reader for a while. I did a complete fresh install of the new so there are no traces of the old reader. Follow the instructions and experienced two errors: 1. The Monster Reader outright crashes the whole program when it's enabled. When I disable it, game runs without issue. 2. Timer and Item Reader aren't loading properly. I checked the log file but didn't know what it was saying. I attached it for reference.
  3. Hey there, thanks for looking into it. I exited and went back in and there they were
  4. Was in a room to buy a Kasami Bracer for 4PDs. I went to the common bank to pull them out, but nothing was in my inventory. Went to bank to pull out remaining 3PDs, those disappeared too. Lost 7 PDs in the process. Please let me know what my next troubleshooting steps are.
  5. I added it using the form, but I got a VIRUS SHIELD: Vol Opt from Vol Opt v2 from Whitill ID in Ultimate.
  6. Centurion Luck - Hildetorr - Ep1 Ultimate - Oran
  7. Looks like TTF is coming back in style...
  8. Hey guys, Yesterday evening the conversation of material boosting DEF vs EVP briefly came up. Both sides had merit, but I wanna hear your take on which one is better to boost and why. I'm currently building my material formula for my characters so I'm hoping to make a decision based on what we discuss here.
  9. What's the best way to swap items between your own characters? Do you still have to rely on someone else to keep a room open while you exchange them? Or is there another way?
  10. What drops a master raven during this Valentine's Day event? Does it also apply for Last swan?
  11. Seems like every 10 years I come back to this game. Started in 2000 on DC. Put months into the game before I stopped. Came back 10 years later on Schthack servers. Had a great run but decided to call it quits. And now I'm back again. Day 4 of playing. Already got 4 characters going and excited to hunt alongside all of you. With social distancing/stay home in effect, this game seems like a perfect relief to a stressful day.
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