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  1. Looking to buy as many as I can find if there are any left out there.
  2. i think u can buy from the gm if i recall correctly.
  3. Godrick Ability, Redria, Ep 1, Hildeblue, Very Hard.
  4. Enemy? Difficulty? Sorry my bad. Ultimate, either Gee or Zol Gibbon. Killed both at same time.
  5. Cent Resist, Whitill, Ep 1, Dark Gunner, Ruins
  6. Godrick Ability, Skyly, EP2, CCA confirmed.
  7. Can i buy one of those cheap Heaven Punishers, 15 pds. AAA Seller.
  8. I will take the agent k glasses.
  9. - Max Godrick Cloak - Max Wedding Dress - Maser Beam [with hit] - Flame Visit [with hit} - Mercurius Rod Will buy or trade good stuff for these items.
  10. wade1212


    Heavenly battle or v101 is the best battle unit there.
  11. Update, Red Rings Added.
  12. if u are going Nuke Force, I recommend also trying to get or make the Quasar Staff.
  13. How many materials have you used so far? Sometime before i use my max stat plan with materials i like to pop like 100 power mats from the start. Gives u a big jump in power at the start. Later re-stat to whatever your plan is. Also Ramar is one of those that gets much better and stronger on the back end. Like around 175 to 180 things get easier and hes much stronger. I would try to find a decent Serene Swan also. Im sure a bunch are around since the event ended recently.
  14. What was all that 1 in a million talk.
  15. Lvl 30 attack spells can drop but they are rare. Unless it’s changed there is a pso world chart showing drop percentages. They go for several dts instead of pds if u can find anyone selling.
  16. For those old enough to remember Rodney King.
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