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    actually you really don't need a controller, the keyboard works fine for playing this game
  2. hey did you know louis king misses you? xP

  3. damn bot go to hell

  4. About PGF or D photon cores

    I agree with Ravso, but I think it would be cool if there was another naka card event! I could use an s-rank.
  5. Tellusis mag cell?

    yea do pod on normal. sham drops dragon scale 1/11 and kon drops it 1/2
  6. How do I get this?

    you have a 1/14 of getting liberta kit, and you can also get other cool stuff like shouren, master raven, centurion/ability and the rest is crap. the cent is worth the most!
  7. delsabers buster gone..

    if you can catch me online, ill give you one
  8. Ok what is so great about Virus Armor: Lafuteria, I was comparing it to aura field and aura has way better stats. Aura field even has better resistances. So why do people pay 80 pd it? Ok the mech guld milla has almost same atp as the other good mechs (mille marteux, dual bird, rage de feu, etc). Why is it so many people badly want one of these. I heard the special is gush, but I have no idea what that does. So if anybody could help this nooblet out, your feedback will be appreciated!
  9. you need to clean your mailbox xP


    the avg software thinks the psobb executable file is a virus but its not. when the warning sign comes up, don't close the psobb file. give me some more detail pop if you are still having trouble
  11. Excal lost hit

    Ok I've been unsealing stuff, I think this is why my excal lost its hit. I need help to return it back to normal.
  12. Yea larva has a good point, you need to be active and play a lot. One thing link is you need to be one of the strongest members on your team. Also you need to at least be able to equip an aura field, which you cannot. Even 152 is low for being team leader. My advice would be to concentrate on one character at a time until your equips get better. Having multiple noob characters is not gonna help a team.
  13. Dark Bridge Lost HIT

    ed141 your the moron and noob..... Both the bringer's rifle and dark bridge have 50 hit. It doesn't matter if he has bringers rifle highlighted, as long as the dark bridge is equipped. Like azami has already said bridge's stats are on left and bringers stats are on right (in first pic). Don't be hatin ed just cause azami is the best support force on ultima.
  14. Good bye ULTIMA for a while

    Yeah G295 you gotta take care of your priorities first. I can understand where you are coming from. I took 2 exams the other week and I barely studied for them cause I play psobb too much. Self-discipline is important, you have to have a balance in life. PS can I have all ur good stuff xP
  15. or you can buy an add/slot off me for 1 pd xP
  16. Should I made Dark Flow or Dark Meteor....DM is nice but too damn strong, its no fun when bosses die in 2 seconds

  17. photon burgerz

    just go to burger king and get some whoppers
  18. Freedert = Noob xP

  19. yo whats up with you giving me negative rep x(

  20. mantis sorry bud, but the person who gave me that snow queen wants it back lol xP

  21. Anti lvl 24 xD?

    does it cure death? xP
  22. New idea

    I think we should make some kinda new event where there is a battle tournament between players. Maybe like 1 for each class that would be cool!
  23. New idea

    yea sounds good larva, but what do you mean by redeem item?
  24. your the man aqua ty xP

  25. I am leaving,happy?

    I agree with Sunny, why are people defending him? People weren't just suspicious, he basically reported himself by telling everybody he had a dark flow 100/0/100/100, hs w/hit, and excal w/hit. He was also banned before and got back on, and made it obvious that he was Alex by asking for a chao mag. And Apollo whats up with you calling me a prick, what did I ever do to you? Your even on my buddy list xP