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  1. Happy B-day pop...1 more year than you will be allowed to see a Rated R movie legally

  2. Off for a week....

    good luck xylene, ill see you around
  3. Leaving...

    can i have ur stuff xD
  4. CHaLLenge mode team !

    I'm off work friday, and I've been looking for a good team to do c-mode.
  5. Vol Opt Glitch?

    on your map (south east corner) there is a window still alive with 3 dots, this is not a bug
  6. you ever make that fire truck team xD

  7. CAn a excal Hit 100 make a change

    my 50 hit excal on my fonewm works great (i got max ata + rr), i hit a majority of the time, and barely miss. so on any other class besides force 50 is more than enough
  8. i agree with lk 38 being overpowerd....and would it be possible to make some kinda monster drop master raven or last swan?

    who the heck are you? umm welcome back
  10. hey syd. me, you, and freedert need to go pgf hunting someday, whatever happend to dj?

  11. Xbox 360 GamerTag: Dizz420 , I play Call of Duty: Black Ops & Mortal Kombat 9, if you down to get killed in mk add me to ur friend list on xbox live

  12. Idea for funny new events

    i disagree shady, bring it on xD

    free da dert!!
  14. Having trouble logging in!

    It takes me about 5 attempts on average to login, After I type my user name and password I usually get (No 903) Server connection failed. The Server may be under maintenance. Please check the current news updates on the official website. Sometimes I get to the ship screen then it says I have no connection to the internet (my internet connection is fine). If I try about 5 or 6 times I can usually get in. I'm not sure what is wrong with my software.
  15. Having trouble logging in!

    around the time of the patch
  16. Wont be on for a bit

    I've had pink eye before its not that bad xP, but good luck dert
  17. hey im back.. anybody miss me xP

    1. sheldama


      not really....

  18. The Return of Dizz

    My computer has trojans and other viruses, so I have not been on lately. But I will be buying a computer in a couple weeks. As soon as I get one... I'll be back on Ultima!
  19. Da Dert is back!

    hey dert glad to see your back xP
  20. good bye ultima

    hey grace, we had some good times hunting. good luck getting a job. hope to see you around some time. thanks for all your help your a good man.
  21. welcome back bud. shade, nagato, and everybody else that was active left team xD. So i just roll solo these days

  22. jUSTICE

    lol a lot
  23. Exxod make sure you always take pics of your good stuff just in case, but a GM can probably fix the ???? bug.
  24. rollback plz

    I was in a room trading with somebody. And when I went to switch characters, my force dropped 3 items and i never meant to drop em but for some reason my character did. I recoverd the red ring, rafoie merge, but my Mother garb+ armor is gone.
  25. Red Ring dissapear and Lame wont evolve

    when you take pics you should take them from your item inventory (and have the % shown in pic, or you'll get a lame with all 0). the lame takes 14k kills i think and im not sure if the gm's are gonna accept that red ring pic.