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  1. Hehe that has to be me although my HUcaseal was named Lyndis IIRC ;p Lyho was the RAmar. Account name was The Gazelle. I haven't posted there since, all the regulars seem unknown to me now^^' I don't think I was ever part of the team though, I preferred to have my solo team to have my own picture x) But yeah playing with C.C., neon, boatameuh and you was good times Aren't you Sylphide ? If so I can't forget you since I still have a test video of us clearing Olga Flow on my PC It used to be on my YT channel but removed because of music eh.
  2. Stats : 0/0/35/0 Make an offer :> Don't by shy, I'm not expecting much out of it Edit : traded to matthew-something for a sacred bow :>
  3. Let me know what you think (like real citicism), I'm sure there's track I should replace since they are dated and stuff like NieR Automata happened since then
  4. I can only agree with a fellow smash player then It is also very different for me because I only play smash offline (any latency is ridiculous to handle) so there's no anonymous verbal abuse, way more fair play !
  5. Assuming I haven't ? It's just that those games lack the feel of progression you get from standard RPG for instance, the only form of progression you get there is ladder (slow and unconvincing to me) or cosmetics (blah). Another huge problem is that the gameplay can never be relaxing since everyone is trying so hard :/ I have played my fair share of SC2, HotS, a bit of Overwatch, DotA and so on and in the end, besides SC2, never really enjoyed it for long. The pleasure I get there is negligible compared to Hollow Knight for instance. That being said, there is one competitive game I do love : the smash series
  6. Hello there, Long ago I made an ogg pack for my own useage on schtserv and I see no reason not to share in case some of my tracks ideas interest people, I find some of them very fitting :> Here's a link : http://gazou51.free.fr/ogg.zip Here's a list : General : -Lobby : Sanctuary - Kingdom hearts II -Pioneer : Oath of union - Tales of Vesperia -Shop : Alpha Beta Gaga - Air -Infirmerie : Refill - Tales of Symphonia -Hunter's guild : The best is yet to come - Metal Gear Solid Episode 1 : -Principal : SeeD - Final Fantasy 8 -Forest : The archylte Steppe - Final Fantasy 13 -Dragon : Saber's edge - Final Fantasy 13 -Caves : Many-storied building of sand - Baten Kaitos -De rol le : Blinded by light - Final Fantasy 13 -Mine : Echoes - Metroid Prime -Vol opt#1 : Still more fighting - Final Fantasy 7 -Vol opt#2 : Force your way - Final Fantasy 8 -Ruins : Derris Kharlan~requiem - Tales of Symphonia -Falz#2/3 : Sad monster - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles -Falz#4 : Unite, descend - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Episode 2 : -Temple : Find your way - Final Fantasy 8 -Da ra lie : Monster's dance ~rondo~ - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles -Spaceshift : Heretic, hero - Halo 2 -Gol dragon : Against the dark knight - Fire emblem : path of radiance -Gal gryphon : Dark messenger - Final Fantasy 9 -Seabed upper/lower levels : Metroid data-selection - Metroid prime -Olga flow#1 : Battle theme - Super Smash Brothers Brawl -Olga flow#2 : Final Battle - Super Smash Brothers Brawl
  7. Hello there, Since I have been lurking around asking questions here and there for almost two weeks now I figured I might as well introduce myself. So who am I ? Let's just say 28yo male french J2EE developper who might enjoy gaming a bit too much :> Although I don't necessarily enjoy the modern trend of video games (competitive games everywhere, ew !). Concerning my PSO background, I have been playing a lot (3000+h) on GC, mostly RAmar at the time but I tried everything. I completed c-mode ep1 both online and offline with friends (one of my best local coop experience to date) as well as c-mode ep2 and could probably still rock there either as FO or HU although I forgot all the maps for sure I have then played my fair share on schtserv with 4 character over lv100 and a lv173 RAmar but I recently discovered it was all wiped away when we decided to go for another PSO run with friend :'( I was even in the winning team of the spring cleaning of the second tier (lv130-170 iirc) event they had there ! So here I am today, not really enjoying ranger that much anymore, another class I always enjoyed is the FOnewearl so I'm mostly playing her and I am also willing to give FOmarl a serious go since I never had the chance to play her seriously. As far as my longevity here goes... well I decided to start here to have fun with friends while I was burnt out from GW2 and waiting for Diablo's next season which seems promising. So I cannot promise I will be a long timer but I am the kind that feels the PSO itch every once and a while so I should probably never be totally gone either (unless I get wiped again :x) ! Feel free to ask questions and see you in game :>
  8. Hello there, I am currently trying to build a FOnewearl and am a bit hesitant on the costume I should get her. My initial plan was to get guardian angel because resta range seems to be the most critical thing IMO since lack of sufficient range can have someone dead and that's why I farmed 3 halo souls. However I have been considering the bunny costume as well in order to be able to jz and then "melee" smoothly (no need for weapon swap). I also wonder if getting the cat scratch would be nice so that I have double range on everything when on my glide divine... So I would like to know what you people think is the best range boost to always have on FOnewearl, if there's a consensus on this for instance I would like to avoid making a mistake :> Thanks for your input !
  9. ALright then Tell me when we can meet later today, I should be back from work in about 12h.
  10. Hey there, I'm offering 50PDs for a min stat red ring, I am not interested in more expensive deals since I'll be transforming it with halo souls.
  11. Hello there, I'm offering 20 PDs for a glide divine since rappies won't help even with several happy hours spent on them (I call that rappy hour now ) EDIT : that last rappy hour was enough for the pain to end ^o^
  12. I am online right now and should be on all day now
  13. That would be amazing I should be online in 2h30min at worst !
  14. Hello there, Yesterday I was very happy to finally transform my power Sato on my Fonewearl for my Ramar and left it around 5/51/50/0 before going to bed. I logged in this morning to discover with horror that it has turned into a marica with stats around 6/52/47/1 which ruins it completely as far as I'm concerned. I haven't tried relogging yet since I had to go to work but I figured I'm better off writing about it anyway since I could wait a lot for a resolution with timezones... GC : 42189402 Please save my mag :'(
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