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  1. The only one I can do is Letter to Lionel.. allt he ones before and after are grayed out and not selectable.
  2. I have... She has all the GQ from 1-1 to 4-5 unlocked.. When I go to see the quest list it only has 3 left that she is able to do that are the downloadable quests.. Maybe I just have to complete those out of order? Maybe she already finished the quests? I am not sure why its like that. I'll keep trouble shooting it today.
  3. Hi, My friend is trying to play the solo story missions but they appear to be locked on every difficulty. They are all grayed out and not allowed to be accessed, except for the 3 downloadable ones.. Not sure why this is. We ahve compelted all Government Missions for Ep1 with no problem. But the single player "One Person" mode just has everything locked out. My game its fine, hers shows everything locked... Is there something that needs to be done before you can access the Solo story content?
  4. Hey, I do have V-sync turned on. No mods and yes, everyone I play with seems to have the issue. Whoever the host is, gets booted. I did stop doing it for a while today. But went back to being that way. Seems to usually be when there 4 people trying to do a Government Quest. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I love this server and have been playing off and on for years. I only have about 100 hours in it, but I donated $60 to the guys for keeping the server up. I've noticed that when doing Government Quests, I always get disconnected as does whoever is hosting it. I need to log back in and try to get in again. I was on mission 3-2 last night and we were about to beat it finally and then I just randomly dced. I'm not sure if the two are related at all but the one I can confirm is everytime I launch a GQ, it disconnects me. Is there something I need to do to avoid this? I have a REALLY fast connection (980mb down/500mb up) could this be causing the problem of packets getting out of sync due to the high speed? That's all I can think of, unless it's just a bug. Thank you, Arke
  6. What are the possibilities of adding a jukebox to the lobby?
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