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  1. error 908

    I dunno confusing as hell what is causing it
  2. error 908

    like blank page just says hello world? I see that
  3. error 908

    yep done that im lost
  4. error 908

    done all suggestions will still no luck as you will see below I followed every step and still the same, any suggestions would be appreciated. ps this is not my first time playing the server. (all files was uninstalled when I stopped playing last time) Name: Error 908 Cause: Something is blocking the connection to the server Solutions: Check that "Test server" is disabled in the Launcher options. Turn DEP off for psobb. https://www.dell.com/support/article/uk/en/ukbsdt1/sln288643/what-is-data-execution-prevention-dep-?lang=en Whitelist the Ultima PSOBB folder so that your antivirus doesn't see it as harmful. Add it as a firewall exception or turn your firewall off. Set the launcher application to run as an administrator. This will allow you do download updates correctly. Restart your computer and then launch the game via the Launcher application. fresh install to begin with however I did it anyway Change your DNS settings to Google’s on the Protocol Version 4 https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-your-pcs-dns-settings-windows-10 done this also Re-download the game and latest update https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/downloads/ I tried this, these are the files I have
  5. hey

    thanks i have a few caracters listed below but working on my hucast at the moment and trying to understand the game lolz 160 hucast 141 ramar 78 fonewearl
  6. hey

    hello guys i just came back to pso, i remember my dad playing this and me playing it as a kid (well pso 1on dreamcast) remember how everyone used to use cheats in the lobbys lol, well i just came back to the game and struggling to get past level 160, truth be told i don't have a clue what I'm doing or what gear is better or what i even should be getting lol. i am complete noob at this and wondering if there is anyone that is willing to help me learn more about the game and play some fun games together. thanks dunte11
  7. Only just found out about the event gg
  8. common bank issue

    wow can not even find one pa :/ I know I had some when I made that post as you can see I sold a gun, agh this sucks but I guess nothing else you can do. here is proof I was buying spread needle in January 2 so I don't know why you can not find them, just my luck is there anything else you could do, or that I could do about this issue ? thanks dunte11
  9. common bank issue

    yh that's for my force as my force is a low lvl so take what ever techs I find for that character. and this is weird why there not showing, level 100 something on one character, it would show at least one pa but dunno why it showing none, you can even see in my picture I sold a gun so where is that pa :/ thanks yet again I hope they show up soon even though giving up on hope. thanks dunte11
  10. common bank issue

    oh dam :/ could you check before that date because I deffo had pas but its strange how you can not see any of my pas at all :/ unless it was in my normal bank, but I'm almost sure I put in my shared storage so I could put all my pas together to know how much I got, at one point I took them out and put on my character as I was trying to buy a spread needle, the character would of probs been my shadow character agh this sucks man :/ appreciate all your help soly giving up on faith thanks dunte11 you make a funny comment but fail to realise that this was from January 2nd, been almost a whole year before then, so do your research before posting a stupid comment
  11. common bank issue

    hey, sorry that i messed up, yet again thank you for your time looking into this for me, appreciate it a lot. kind regards dunte11
  12. common bank issue

    , I just found my old shop post it was in January sorry, that's why, back then I didn't have much. thank you for looking into this for me, and putting in your time. ps sorry for being a pain kind regards dunte11
  13. common bank issue

    I have updated my info, also that's strange as I was selling a bunch of items around that time also, and now I only have about 5 pas total across all 3 characters, I was given a spread needle a while ago now, but I still don't understand what happened to them :/ thanks, looking forward to your reply dunte11/shadow
  14. Common bank crashing? [POST IT HERE]

    guildcard: 42161711 info: It was December 2015 last time i played, i wanted a spread needle so i was grinding 30 pas to finally buy one i was posting on forums I'm buying one and messaging people who was selling, in the end i gave up as i could not find a seller, around this time i upgraded my pc and just never downloaded and came back on the server, i then recently downloaded it and came back yesterday when i realised all my pas are gone in the common storage, i then left it thinking there was nothing i can do about it, when a player name by one said to me that i should speak to you guys to try get them back, as i didn't know this was possible, she also told me to take all valuable stuff out of common storage, this was when i found out common storage was not safe. i lost other items but can not name what ones i had so i don't expect that stuff of course. i do not have any picture sadly to prove this as it was so long ago since i last played. thank you for taking your time to read my post kind regards dunte
  15. common bank issue

    ok thanks