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  1. How are you "testing" new weapons? I thought that the tool to create new items for private servers wasn't available.
  2. So I'm a RaMarl 155 (purplenum) trying to find my way in PSOBB Ultima now that the Christmas event is over. I've used 33 pow mats, I have a Ranger Wall, Elenor 5/150/45/0, a decent sacred cloth with V101, ADEPT, Cent/Power, and a free slot that I switch out Cure/Shock and Freeze situationally. Oh, and I have 4 n00b/hps. For weapons I've got Mille Marteaux 0/0/0/40/0, Froozer 15/20/0/30/0, Cannon Rouge 0/30/20/0/0, and a new Hell Laser (no stats). Weapons are all max grind. My heal/support techs are all right around 17. What should I be doing right now? Is there an easy farm for PDs for my ID? Should I farm my own gear (Red Ring is tough 'cus I'm the wrong section)? Any help would be hot.
  3. Inventory Updated 1/11/2016
  4. I'm raising Sato mags while I'm at work. Special orders take 1 week to deliver. Prices below. Current Inventory (Updated 1/11/2016) 5/150/45/0 White Sato (Estlla, Pilla, Twins) - 10PD 5/150/45/0 Pink Sato (Estlla, Pilla, Twins) - 10PD 5/150/45/0 Teal Sato (Estlla, Pilla, Twins) - 10PD 5/150/45/0 Red Sato (Estlla, Pilla, Twins) - 10PD 5/150/45/0 White Sato (Estlla, Pilla, Twins) - 10PD SOLD 1/11/2016 10/150/40/0 Yellow Sato, Golla/Farlla/Twins - 10PD SOLD 1/11/2016 5/150/45/0 Gray Sato (Estlla, Pilla, Twins) - 10PD SOLD 1/11/2016 WIP Inventory (Updated 1/11/2016 Availability listed next to Mag): 6x: 5/0/45/150 - 15 PD various colors. I'll post individual colors when they are complete. ETA 1/25/2015 Special Order - 20 PD Rules for Special Order: Must have at least 5 def Def + Dex MUST = Pow + Mind In other words, if you want no extra points in DEF then the minimum Dex = 45. Special Orders take ~ 3 weeks to complete. Send me a PM to place custom orders or arrange a meet-up to buy.
  5. pekedey

    PROcuring YOU!

    New player on Ultima looking to join. In-game name is Bristoe RaMarl. Did a bit of a DTS head start to get into playing position and I'm at lv 128 right now. Looking to get a bit higher so I can start endgaming.
  6. There's some good instructions on that thread. Just so you know I play on Mac, so once you've correctly tweaked your wine/psobb it runs great.
  7. After making a donation, how do I get in contact with a GM to redeem rewards?
  8. Ok, so I got it all working and I'm incredibly satisfied. I'll draw up a guide later this morning and post it.
  9. Yikes my avatar! Anyway I'm just working through patching this. If I am successful I'll post a step-by-step on how to do this whole thing beginning from a fresh mac (no wine, no PSO, etc.). Any tips on deploying the patch itself? The notes on the GitHub aren't incredibly comprehensive to us non-technical folk.
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