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  1. Thanks for the effort. You guys rock
  2. S> AS 35hit 80pd | S> Red Sword 40hit 30pd | S> Post 40pd

  3. S> MM 40dark 45hit 25pd

  4. Can you make a HUD that's completely invisible?
  5. Yes. Except no one is going to hunt for 16 hours to help others get a RR. Rip multiplayer
  6. Drop system comparison, realistic version. Note that this is falz, which has a standard DAR of 100%. So the important question should be: Would you rather have a Red Ring or play with others? Because with these current DAR rates, you can't have both. We need at least ephinea rates to make it appealing.
  7. @Fyrewolf5 More items in multiplayer? That's the complete opposite of what the picture shows. Even a toddler can see that soloing gives you far more items than multiplayer. Also, opinions about how a "D&D group" is supposed to play the game are completely irrelevant because everyone is entitled to their own way of playing. So I want to refrain from arguing about opinions because it's a total waste of time. Fact: Most of the hunts can and will be solo'd. Roct is an exception, but this drop system is here to stay even after summer event, correct? How many people are soloing olga during xmas or gryphon for post? Fact: ~ 90% of the (serious) people are soloing. Regardless of what playstyle theories or etiquettes you want to lecture. Not my fault, it is what it is. And again, roct is an exception. If roct were soloable it would be solo'd. That said, what we really would like, is an incentive for the serious players to move from solo to multiplayer. This has a couple of benefits for everyone. 1. More fun and social, solo is boring 2. Newbies won't ragequit because they can finally get in on the big hunts -> bigger playerbase -> good for everyone But at this moment, the greed for items is way higher than any other benefit gained from multiplayer. If you don't see that you're just naive. Anyway, I really feel like I'm wasting my time arguing with people that don't want change.
  8. I personally feel it's disgusting to split up with your friends and solo everything. But the truth is that it's the best (only?) way to get endgame items. Everyone here knows so and everyone does so. Just look at the room list during hh and you'll see 90% locked rooms with 1/4 players. I don't like it, but it's the way it is. Problem is I feel new players have a hard time getting help this way and quit Ultima...
  9. It's supposed to be simplistic. The image portraits the ideal case scenario for all 3 methods in which they all have the same chances and the same probability. The point of the picture is that when the odds are the same, it's much more efficient to split a group up and hunt things in seperate rooms.
  10. That's why I said most hunts. RT, TTF and pod can all be solo'd. The point is, people with gear CAN solo hunts and will continue to do so because it's much more eficient.
  11. Well since most people in this topic are fighting over opinions I'll just leave this here. The 3 methods can be done in roughly the same time frame for most hunts. Obviously everyone soloing brings much more items to the server than a group of people hunting together (with whatever system). I don't see why the DAR rates for multiplayer shouldn't be increased.
  12. S> Vol opt shield 10pd | Kroes sweater 15pd

  13. Time's up. Winner is aaronsable
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