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  1. 18 minutes ago, Trigunman said:

    Morning Glory [0/0/0/40|50]-  6pds

    I'll take that good sir, let me know when a good time is for to meet up with you to deal, I'm on CST.

    Thanks for your time and business!

    I’m on if you’re on.

  2. Stuff I need. Can either do pds or dts for it. Putting them in dt value that I would pay for.


    sh/shot 0/0/0/0/80 hell - 50dts

    zal shot srank 15dts- 120pds

    centurión battle - prices seem to vary so send me your price 


    will update id I need anything else.

    pm me if you are selling those things 


  3. 7 hours ago, R-78 said:

    Ask @Emewn how have I ever been mean or unfair to him (I think this is the evilest thing I ever told him). I even requested weeks ago to remove his restrictions and feel pissed when he gets massive dislikes for posts that did not deserve it.

    Ask @mudkipzjm how many times I told him to leave someone alone when there is a drama.

    You don't know how many times I tried to help Heather either, do you?

    There are many people he dislikes whom I consider as mates ( @Virec, @Terrybriggs711 to mention a couple of them) and literally no one I really dislike on this forum (I accepted to become a GM to help that community because I love it) so I don't even know how you came to such nonsensical conclusion.

    So go on, ask Larva to find a better GM and fire me, I guess I am too immature and biased for that job. But stop the drama now. Emewn's restrictions and chatbox ban have been removed by the way.

    @RocketTots is the trade done so I can lock this topic?

    For the record I dislike you. End of story. You can lick this now :onion-head37:


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  4. 24 minutes ago, Shin said:

    This should be the record for multimode solo no pb because shoutgu used twins at falz. Incidentally, shoutgu should have the multimode solo pb record with his time.

    I believe Wilson put it in there wrong. So yes gunmaster solo is récord atm since maytes could never be proven 

  5. 8 minutes ago, TKDmoe said:

    Hey everyone, I was considering buying a Cent Battle. But for people who have it, I wanted to ask how the rythme of comboing is compared to V101/Heavenly Battle. Also how much of a difference it is comparing the two. Thanks!

    Heavenly battle and v101 have the same attack speed which is 40% I believe, and cent battle is 110% attack speed so yeah the difference it’s a big one. Can do faster combos compared to v101 and h battle. Definitely worth the investment.

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  6. 2 hours ago, shong said:

    Haven't traded anything since coming back after quitting in early 2017. I've seen some things are quite a bit different in price than when I left and some are about the same. Curious about these. If this topic is in the wrong place please feel free to move it

    40 hit Ultima Reaper

    80 hit Ultima Reaper

    Samba Maracas no hit

    Samba Fiesta 80 hit

    Harmonic Resonance Core




    Heaven Punisher 0d

    35 hit Heaven Punisher+other mediocre %. I know most people are going to turn it into MM but is there any more value for the HP to have hit as a novelty?

    35-40 hit Ophelie Seize with other stats

    RL triple 50s including hit Arms weapon (not charge, spirit or berserk)

    S-Parts ver2.01




    Heart Container (looks like this replaced Noob/HP in my inventory?)

    Photon Booster

    Heaven Striker 40/40/0/0

    Heaven Striker 40+ hit

    Asteron Striker 80 hit

    SoF 30 hit

    SRank Zalure Shot

    Rambling May 40+ hit

    Rambling May with stats but no hit

    Sacred Bow 40+ hit

    Sacred Bow with stats but no hit

    Ten Year Blades 40+ hit and special

    Ten Year Blades with stats but no hit or special (idk when/where it drops from but I assume it can drop like this?)

    Samurai Armor


    Thanks, sorry for so many items. It is a mix of things I have but don't use and things I want to get.

    Ten year blades is a combination of ultima sword and psycho black crystal so if you quit in 2017 you shouldn’t have it in your inventory because it had not been released yet. For a price check, wish I could help but haven’t gotten much info from community on that. There’s very few people that made them. Not many if all have been on the market. At one point moiy Sanchez was offering 100dts for a maxed one. If that helps round up a price check for you. Also special from ultima sword will not carry over so you’ll have to add special again if you already had it on ultima sword.

  7. Bump update. 


    If stuff is priced in dts and you try to pay with pds you will pay at a ratio of 10:1 since I find dts more valuable to me than PDS. This is due of course over a disagreement I had with snowflake Shiga321. So there’s no other misunderstanding I’ll state it now.


    thank you :)

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