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  1. 5 pds y callese :v XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. D: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i need rollback as quickly as possible D: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/11368-my-items-gone/
  3. Well here I am again to say I lost many items .... He was spending 3 items which were P-raven, battle cent and gael giel, when out of nowhere gave me when I returned .... DC appeared only those 3 items .... kick the p-raven, the C -battle and the gael giel .... Kajex told me to put my guild card and time this has happened .here ... my guild card is 42111149 ...... and time this happened was at 15:52 GMT from Dominican republic.... here is my Guild card... The Items lost... DM, 5 dark 50 hit Asteron striker snoww queen 15 hit ultima reaper Red Ring From the dephts cent ability x3 V502 all that was left were the 3 items I had taken from the bank before it happened the DC please i want my items back U.U the necesitos D: u.u
  4. I was spending my 3 items ... P-Raven Cent batlle and gael giel when suddenly gave me and when I returned DC only had 3 items that the bank had taken e,e i have photos too I lost DM,Snoww Queen,3 cent ability,v502,ultima reaper,asteron striker and RR D: PLZZZZZZZZZZZ roll back my items D::: i need hurry hurry U.U
  5. with 40 or more hit plz...
  6. Part of Baranz Dragon Claw Riko Earring Mother Garb+ 40 pds Frozen shooter 15 hit vivienne 35 hit Centurion power Sato lv 200 Mind Magic stone iritista magic rock moola pioneer parts
  7. WEAPONS: Jizai 35 hit: 7 pds Demon vulcan 10 hit : 2 pd Vivienne 35 hit: 8 pd ARMOR AND SHIELDS Mother Garb+ 60 pds Flame Garment 10 pds Blue odoshi violet 3 pds Green Ring 5 pds MAGS: SATO 7/0/43/150 15 pds that's all
  8. Im selling mother garb+ for 75 pds or ofter!!!
  9. Well I'am Here Again to sell any stuff..... Red Ring- 60 pds Mother Garb+-75 pds Centurion Ability x2- 12 pds or ofter Centurion Power-10 pds That's All
  10. Weapons. Hell Diska 25 hit-1pd DARK METEOR 40 DARK, 50 HIT ! ! ...... only trade for a dark flow with the same hit... Demon vulcan 10 hit-1pd Valkkyrie 20 hit (lol)-7pds Earth wand brownie-3pd Rainbow Baton 35 hit-4pd Vivienne 35 hit 5 pd Daylight scar 25 hit-5pd Armor and shields Aura field 4 slots-2 pds Blue odoshi violet 4 slots-4 pds Stink Frame- 1 pd RED RING-70 pds or ofter :v GREEN RING-5 pds PURPLE RING-5 PDS Striker Plus-2 pd Units. Devil battle-1 pd V801-3 pds Smart link-4 pds Heavenly battle-4 pds Heavenly ability x3- 6 pd Centurion Ability-5 pds Centurion Power-10 pds Techs Level 25-27 : gifoie,zonde,jellen,barta,Gizonde,foie Level 28-30 : Gibarta,Resta,rafoie Grantz lv 19 and megid 15 Misc Items O.o Parts of robochao-2 pds Heart of opa-opa 3 pds syncesta-3pds Magic rock "moola"-3 pds Heart of angel and heart of devil..- 7 pds for the two Kit of hamburger-ofter Phanter spirit-ofter KITS: mark3,master system,genesis,sega saturn,dreamcast-Ofter Tablet-4 pd Pioneer Parts!!!-Ofter!!!!!!!! Ashura mag cell x3 :v 6 pds WELL THAT'S ALL FOLKS XDDD THX FOR VIEW
  11. Sam Te cambio Mi Dark Meteor tiene 50 mhit y 40 dark..... quieres¿
  12. I have Dark meteor 40% dark 50 hit.... I only trade for a Dark flow with The Same Hit........
  13. how much for yass 9000 demon?
  14. Rivaul

    S> Mags

    i take devil wing :DDD
  15. 5 dark and 50 HiT ! ! Ofter e.e Wish List TJS Cent battle Wedding dress x2 RR maxed PDS
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