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  1. i didnt play for a month until i noticed he stole everything, so i just ended up quiting, its the second time ive been screwed by somebody on this server. so i gave up hope for trusting people along with the game.
  2. yea thank you, this was last summer though, so over a year ago. i just hope michael will do the right thing, im not to upset about it, im just sad that theres people who would do something like this. honestly michael if you read this, i just want my dm back, u can keep the rest of it, all i want is my dm. thanks
  3. why is that funny? he stole everything i had, after i was his friend and helped him get to the point he was at.
  4. hey michael, u wanna return my dm and df that you took when u get back?
  5. i have 30 dts i would give for 170
  6. B> Spread Needle 3 stat with hit


    1. ZenReborn


      In a few days I'll be auctioning a 40/0/0/50|70 Spread Needle :) just a heads up

    2. josiah


      @ZenReborn is that after the event?


    3. ZenReborn


      Yes, it will be

  7. pds shop!!


    flowens sword: 0/30/0/0/25

    egg blaster: 0/0/5/0/50

    snow queen 0'd

    summit moon 50 hit

    sange 0/20/0/0/20

    mille marteaux 0/50/0/0/40

    kusanagi 35/0/0/25/25

    flamberge 0/0/40/0/30

    dual bird 0'd


    standstill shield


    yakasani magatama

    v501 x2



    Panzer tail 5/160/35/0

    elenor 25/140/35/0

    agastya 5/160/35/0

     bunch of mag cells just ask if i have a specific



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    2. josiah


      @Jose Zapata25-30 pds ill give it for 25

    3. Jose Zapata
    4. josiah


      0's throughout, but with hit event coming up its possible to make it really nice

  8. B> luck mats

    1. Pixcani


      Hey! i sell some luck mats


    2. josiah


      sounds good


    3. josiah
  9. i have a wd for trade... pm me if you wanna strike up a deal, adding things is also a possibility
  10. josiah

    S> Stuff :3

    thnx for the trade of razonde 29 and deband 30
  11. josiah

    B> FO gear

    I think I may have a mind mag, I'll check when I get on after work but I think I have a mag for you
  12. dual bird is a 5-10 base stat gun, with around 250 pds added into its % so i would take 235 pds
  13. pm me if interested in anything
  14. mag cells- Ashura Mag Cell x1 Kit of dreamcast x2 kit of SEGA SATURN x5 kit of mark3 x2 Heart of Angel x3 kit of hamburger x2 heart of devil x3 panthers spirit x3 misc stuff- Hell laser+25 50/50/0/0/30 hell vulcan+9 30/30/0/0/30 H&S25 Justice 25/0/0/0/15 stag cutlery 0d twin brand 15/0/0/15 SPREAD NEEDLE 40/0/0/0 HOLY RAY+40 0d HOLY RAY 0/15/0/0 EGG BLASTER 0/0/5/0/50 LAVIS CANNON 35/30/30/0 RED SABER 15/0/20/0 MONKEY KING BAR 10/0/15/0 CRAZY TUNE 0/20/0/0 MADAMS UMBRELLA 0d RED PARTISAN 5/0/10/0 RED HANDGUN 25/0/0/0 FROZEN SHOOTER 0/30/0/0 TWIN PSYCHOGUN 0/10/15/0 DUAL BIRD+30 15/35/0/35 EVIL CURST 0d HEART OF POUMN 0/0/0/5 YASMINKOV 7000V 0d YASMINKOV 9000M+10 30/0/0/35/25 OPHILIE SEIZE 0/0/0/30 VIVIENNE+1 0/0/15/15 KUSANAGI 35/0/0/25/25 YASAKANI MAGATAMA increases ata by 30 when used together CANNON ROUGE 0d GLIDE DIVINE 30/0/30/0 ARMOURS All armour stats can be given at request! STINK FRAME d-parts ver2.10 CUSTOM FRAME VER.00 GUARD WAVE AURA FIELD SACRED CLOTH x2 MORNING PRAYER ALLIANCE UNIFORM CRIMSON COAT SHIELDS- SECRET GEAR REGENERATE GEAR FLOWENS SHEILD STANDSTILL SHEILD x2 SECURE FEET x2 ZONDE MERGE YELLOW BARRIER BLACK RING REGENERATE GEAR B.P. YATA MIRROR HONEYCOMB REFLECTOR UNITS- god/mind cure/poison cure/slow V501 V801 x2 DIVINE PROTECTION x2 heavenly/power heavenly/mind x3 heavenly/arms No0b/HP x4 MAGS- Marutah lvl 40 synchro63% IQ164 6/11/22/1 ILA lvl 200 synchro6% IQ200 20/5/40/135 DEVILS WING LVL200 synchro115% IQ200 38/100/10/52 DEVILS WING LVL200 synchro35% IQ127 20/124/56 ELENOR LVL 106 synchro0% IQ200 20/80/6/0 ELENOR lvl200 synchro0% IQ200 20/0/5/175 ELENOR lvl200 synchro0% IQ200 25/140/35/0 amps- amp of anti amp of zonde
  15. around how much is it worth. i got 38 pds. and im also trying to get rid of a 20 hit 40 dark mm, i also need a mind mag
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