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    fluffymag ID oran BatMan ID Greennil KATSUME ID skyly RxJ9000 v ID redria
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    Games, movies, soccer, just havin fun I guess lol ect. ect.
    and maybe a little liquid courage on the rocks :)
  1. sorry for it being down but once it is up have as much of a blast like everyone does everyone is kind and helpful to all as well they are awesome too! hope we tag along sometime see ya in the pso world!
  2. you ever get the day you feel like dancing? no matter what?

    1. fatboy


      im sexy and I know it

  3. dam that a nice piece she got there that awesome toy mass APPROVED
  4. Hey there and welcome to the game I hope the server is up soon so we all can have a great time and it will we all just have to wait till they get it working but a awesome greeting to you :onion107:everyone is awesome here enjoy the game
  5. do you get one of thoes days you work too dam hard anddddd............ your weekend is gone FFFFUUUUQQQQ............ lol

    1. RudyArana


      I haven't had a day off in 6 weeks... what's a weekend?

    2. Justin Erickson
  6. open the door get on the floor everybody do the dinosuar lol awesome

    1. Trigunman


      Boom boom, ackalackalacka boom! Boom, boom ackalackalacka boom boom! Haha, was listening to that this morning! XD

  7. my mind has been gone... what about yours? lol

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