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  1. Oh man, I just started a new team with a fellow member, we aren't hear lvl 100 or 200. So we're slowly getting up there. Right now we are working on the government quests and possibily move on to C-Mode after We have a discord server if you're interested to roll with us!
  2. Sounds like a plan! I just finished Government 2-2 last night, I have a long ways to go xD
  3. I'll need all of them.. Haha I never really done any before D: (Online of course, I would do it with my mates offline)
  4. Still up for some EP1 challenge mode? I haven't really done one since EP1/2 on GCN like 10 years ago... lol
  5. I wanna take on the Government Quests and I finished the first set of Government Quests and just got 2-1 currently Im at lvl 32 FOnewm. So maybe we can do them on Hard? Or Normal, whichever is best. Anyways, I'm looking for players
  6. Ahh I see! So work on principals office. I'm lvl 30 with nothing to do haha but I guess I'll work on that!
  7. I have a list of quests that are blacked out and I can't run any of them like battle training or magnitude of metal. But I can run some of the extra quests (the 2nd option) Is this just a bug or do I need to do something?
  8. A Basset Hound, A Beagle, or maybe even a Corgi might be good. They're cute small-medium sized dogs that are pretty smart and loyal too (I have a jack russell/corgi mix)
  9. Yo doggg, I stream too, maybe we can stream together! after i lvl up and such haha
  10. Catch me around as DjKniteX, i mostly do solo quests, but i might join or even have a open game
  11. i be down to run some c-mode, I have actually never done it before, in my 10 years of playing pso lol
  12. sup! im a new guy here too, just got to lvl 15, lets hang
  13. Whats up guys, thanks for the salutations!
  14. I got my name since the start of maybe my 6th grade year, which was like a little over 10 years ago. I been using my name (Dj Knite X) for almost everything~ lol DJ - as being in a deejay Knite - came from Suge Knight X - last letter of my last name
  15. first time on this server and there is a summer event? nice, I think I might enjoy this server
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