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    Challenge mode!!
  1. It seems i cannot play the CCA areas at all, the game crashes. For me this is not that big of an issue since i 'only' play cmode. But i noticed this when we were doing 2c3. I tried the stage a few times and maybe the 2nd time i got to the mountain area and it crashed there. Other times it crashed on load or like 20 seconds in stage. Now i have heard in the lobby that this is a known error and has to do something with meriltas skin (?). Anyone knows about this?
  2. Long time Schthack player here wanting to start from scratch (again). Also a cmode 'veteran' who is willing to teach cmode to anyone who wants to learn. Btw is there a topic that lists the main differences between this server and Schthack BB?
  3. Hello everyone, i am new to this server but not new to cmode. I have already seen a few familier names in this topic and i'm sure others will recognize mine. It will be nice to play cmode for sranks and have a use for them (unlike on schtserv where i have them all and then some). Count me in for future games.
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