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  1. Could I get a the game, not the patch, in .zip format please? The library computers will not let me d/l .exe files.
  2. Happy birthday! ;D

    -cue confetti-

  3. Phluff

    Claiming a Stake

    I had grabbed the "Capsule 1" first, but it didn't show up at all. Just letting you know that some of the quests, and non-quest simulations are buggy. I've also never been "shocked" by Vol Opt as a HUcast before, and the other day, me and another person were being paralyzed by him, and we were both playing HUcasts.
  4. I'm from Denison, Texas. Yep, I'm in the states.
  5. Name: Dustin, but please, call me Phluff. Age: 1989 - Do the math. Preferred contact method: E-mail at my e-mail. Hobbies: Video Games(Making and playing), music(again, making and playing, and a third, listening to), hangin' with friends. Picture: A little more about your self: Not much to be known, but if you have a specific thing you want to know, just e-mail or pm me.
  6. I first started playing the Gamecube version of PSO, and I'm noticing something that's been bugging me the last few days. Why isn't the semi-auto target system not in this version? It actually makes it harder to sit there and shoot something that is directly in front of you, or cast a spell on the same target. Might I get some help with this?
  7. Phluff


    I'm not sure about this, because I haven't played much, but what is up with doing a quest then getting kicked out of the room? Shouldn't you be able to continue in the on your own (Solo mode, by the way)?
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