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  1. Before I was banned about a year ago I had Wedding Dress(s) and a DM like 100/0/100/0/95 or something and I don't know if GMs took or this is a glitch? since its been forever and if GMs didn't take it then I don't have proof but I know some people who knew I had the items. I also had like RR max stats and stuff. I cashed some of the items like the DM so I don't know why a GM would take it if I paid to the serv not a 3nd person selling or making. Edit I just checked my other char and I think GM's mighta tooken it like my TJS or w/e it was. The items I cashed are gone. Also the RR's are gone. What?
  2. Dao


    Hey, I was a old member and I was banned but when I tried to log in. It worked so I just wanted to say I didn't change my IP to play or hack. I just wanted to let you guys know I didn't do anything to log in. If any GM's are wondering about how I could log in if I was banned is maybe I moved to my moms when I was at my dads so you only banned my IP or something. If you allow me to play again I promise I will not hack what so ever.
  3. I love you guys. Chuk,KajeX, Larva, BK, Rin, Aothers I will miss you. I probs wont get unbanned cuz mios like that and im not going to make a big deal cuz im done with the drama. If you Play League of Legends, add me (DaoWithIt and lXenexl).

  4. Hey, #@)! You *^&$%#@! (Guess The words :P)

    1. RudyArana


      Hey, love you darlings (?)

    2. Dao
  5. Welcome to Ultima and happy hunting.
  6. I know you know I know that person most of us hate.

    1. fatboy


      I know you know and all of us know, even god know who

    2. King Ra

      King Ra

      I know you know that i know that he know that god know who

    3. Dao


      Who know I know you know I know that god knows who knows.

  7. Dao


    Lawl, Some of this from me for free brah.
  8. Dao

    Dao's Trade List

    MOST Items Here 1 PD Later I will be makeing a room called Free Stuff and ill be getting rid of all the stuff but the mag cells and other MORE valuables.
  9. Welcome to Unlima and happy hunting! I was the one that helped you TTF earlier We can go do it to LV you up when we get to meet again.
  10. To go download the skins the website is... http://pso.univers-ps.com/bb/skin/listeSkinUS.php5 OR Go to Google and search PSO Skins. (No sound and lag is a possibility) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSWLxfc77x8&feature=youtu.be
  11. This will be my Event items that i will sell. I don't know if i will be able to hunt other Event items but whatever i update this topic about will show you what items I have. The reason Why I'm not posting anything on my trade list is because hopefully when everything is sold or given away I will close it. Only this so far
  12. Psycho Black Crystal for DF?
  13. Dao

    B>Red Ring

    Vendido, tenho anel vermelho. Encontre-me no jogo de quarto nome é Dao. Eu estou usando o google translate então isso pode ser confuso
  14. Dao

    S> Rares

    99 PDs for all 3 and 33 PDs each.
  15. Dao

    S> Rares

    I only have the Adapt from the items you wanted still wanna buy?
  16. Dao

    S> Rares

    Collect 3 and then give to a GM or do a quest i forgot but one of those and then add special w/e you want with the Srank item you choose. No stats because it is already OP i think,
  17. Man i want that Dark Flow I dont know what you want though
  18. Dao

    S> Rares

    Fine Deal, ill just sell those xD Sorry i man, wont need those
  19. Dao

    S> Rares

    It kinda sucks i dont need an RR or a wedding... that blows
  20. Dao

    S> Rares

    V502 8 PDs V101 3 PDs Adapt 25 PDs Cent 10 PDs Nakas offer. Give or take for the amount.
  21. Dao

    S> Rares

    Rares Adapt Red Ring Heavenly/Arms x3 Centurion/Ability V101 x2 Mr. Naka's Business Cards x3 ANGEL'S WING 20/40/110/30 Pushan 5/105/90/0 Deband LV 30 Glide Divine
  22. Welcome to Ultima, Happy hunting!
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