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NPC glitch. HELP!

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Today i was trying to change my skin for a npc skin, but my character got bugged, couldn't move in lobby and didn't see others.

I went to dressing room to reset appearence and then typed /npc 0, but my skin color changed permanently >.<

I'm wondering if some gm can turn my skin color back to the number 2, since there is no Full dressing room...

My Character Name: Lutz

Slot: 01

My Guild Card: 42100949

Thanks in advance.

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In the regular dressing room, put all the options to default (the first choice)

Yeah, i did that, but still not working :s

I'm a formar, i let the the first hat and first wearing (long hat and red dress), tried /npc 1 then /npc 0, but with no luck.

i dont know what i'm doing wrong...

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