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For Fun But Mainly Sad Because there isn't any Fun


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Im going to try to save Photon Sphere Next Time and

The Content here its very Sad - 

In The heartBroken Upgrade of Lk38 
if it can talk it would say 

AYE YO .... WTF????
i can combo now but i do 0 Damage + Shifta Lv 30 



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Well, part of why you do 0 damage Is because you have a short-ass ATP of just 488 :rf-08:doesn't that mean you are using a FOnewearl with 0 hp mats consumed? Plus MST over 1600 :onion-head65:


Next time cast zalure and maybe you will deal damage :rf-02: Just, maybe :rf-12:


Also FOnewearl will be able to equip Sue's Coat when :onion-head28:

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