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S>Few things


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Serene swan [0/25/0/0|0] [Untekked]


Dual Bird +50 [0/0/0/0|40]


Ultima Reaper [35/0/0/30|0] [Untekked]
Ultima Reaper [0/25/0/30|0] [Untekked]






Tellusis [Red] [0/185/15/0] [Estlla | Farlla | Mylla & Youlla]
Agastya [Red] [0/134/66/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Leilla | Pilla]


Grants Lv: 26
Resta Lv: 30
Jellen Lv: 30
Shifta Lv: 30

TP Mat x 3

Luck Mat x3 




Cell of MAG 502 x3
Parts of RoboChao
Sorcerer's Right Arm
P-arm's Arms
Delsaber's Right Arm
Bringer's Right Arm
Belra's Right Arm
Rappy's Wing x2
Magic Rock "Moola" x6
Star Amplifier x6
Heart of Chu Chu x2
Parts of Egg Blaster x2
Heart of Angel x4
Heart of Devil
Kit of Hamburger
Panther's Spirit x4
Kit of Mark3 x4
Kit of Master System x2
Kit of Genesis x2
Kit of Sega Saturn x2

Kit of Dreamcast x2

Heaven Striker Coat

Heart of Morolian x2
Love Rappy's Beak x5
Ashura Mag Cell


Halo Rappy Soul x3
Harmonic Resonance Core


Photon Crystal x20


Post Offers, thanks

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