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Hucast Mag Help


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Hi everyone,


i am still new to the game and have still some serious trouble to getting a good Mag.


So I wanted to ask if someone would be so kind as to give me a step-by-step guide to feeding an hucast mag.

My in game Name is NOUX


I am very grateful for any help anf thank you for any advice.

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10 minutes ago, JupiterDeMars said:



I was about to post something related to the process :onion-head65: 

I even made a cool opening:



:onion88: for starters.....

H U c a s t  M a g :onion-head06:



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We should mention there are two kinds of baby mags on Ultima: the normal mag your new characters always start with, and a special quest reward mag from the quest Power Plant Plight. The normal mag you receive is lv 5 when you receive it, the special quest mag, on the other hand, is level 0, giving it 0 DEF making these feed plans possible. A lv.0 baby "ppp mag" is worth about 5 pd or so. 

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