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15 hours ago, Untamedlogic said:


Crimson Coat

Luck Material x15

Trigrinders x60

Add slots x30


Hi, I have these item, message me if you still need. thanks/

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1 hour ago, Untamedlogic said:

Hey! I'm interested in the following: 


Samurai Armor

DEF Material ×57 

Power material x90

Luck Material x18 (if you have it) [Kotta's note: not the 33 :onion-head65:]


Digrinders x60



Trading in DT's - let me know if you want to work somethin


I can get you these ones. Setting the details down below :onion-head18:

Samurai Armor - 10DTs

90 Power Material - 2DTs

18 Luck Material -2DTs


57 Def Materials and 60 Digrinders - 1DT


As for Jizai, I only got the separate set: Gurens & (only one) Shouren :rf-13: 

Only the Gurens have stats, and the best ones I got are these

Guren [15/0/25/0|25]

Guren [0/0/0/35|30]

(I would recommend finding a better one If that's the Intention :onion-head64:)

[But If you're fine with any of my Gurens, I can fuse the shouren with one of them and grind It, and It's yours for 2DTs :D]



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On 8/14/2022 at 2:53 PM, Untamedlogic said:

Thanks for the responses. As of right now the only item that I'm looking for atm is a Tsumikiri J-Sword.


Again, Trading in DTs.




Sent you a PM

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