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Cant get custom fonts in Ultima?

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Poked around just recently to play some PSO again, probably not here for a long time anyway but I found some addons by Echelon from another forum and everything worked just fine except for the custom font.  The solution is to apparently choose 'custom' language option in the launcher - but I dont see any such option.  Several searches later and I haven't found a solution so just wondering if anyone has an idea on what I can do to make this work.  I'm not that experienced with all these mods but my basic understanding of it is the game is overwriting one of the files that governs the custom font every time I load the game. 

For reference, the thread was here: https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/echelons-skins-modifications.4357/

And the 'Modern Glass HUD and Icons' addon works great with the only exception being the font.  Is there a way to make the Ultima launcher not replace any files on start or any other workaround for this?  Thanks

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A while ago I made the launcher not honor modified files because otherwise it because an issue when we do updates.
However, to overcome this issue with users, I have the game look for specific custom files.
The post about this can be found here.

The specific file you are trying to mod is called texturejapanese.xvm, and like I wrote in the linked post, make a copy of the file and name it texture_custom.xvm, if this file is found on the data folder, it will be loaded instead of the original file.

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Posted (edited)

Will try this when I get home.  Also thanks for your work on all the other addons, I've been trying those too.  Really was just expecting a nostalgic trip until I got bored but this is a new enough experience now for me I may yet be in it for the long haul.  

EDIT:  Much better, thanks!

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