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what up nerds


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I'm Sundark and I hate every single one of you nah I'm messin


I think most of the active players have seen me around in-game, on Discord, or on the forums by now, but I figured I'd throw up a formal introductory sorta thread


I've always gone by Sundark (or SundarkSoldier) online, I used to play Smash Bros competitively a lot more actively but I kinda fell off it. I've been playing PSO since I was really young, I played a ton (like way too much) offline on the GC (with a little bit online borrowing a friend's BBA), then on Schthack BB, then I got a couple of Smash friends playing on Ultima like 5~ years ago but interest in it kinda fell off with them so I stopped playing around there too.


Got hit by the sudden urge to revisit PSO about a month, month and a half ago and hopped on this account I made those years ago and immediately got into a 4-person party with Sam/Snipe, I think Kris (idk his forum name) and maybe another friend of theirs idr anymore and it was basically a bunch of fun and like I'd never stopped playing.


So I'm real hooked again for now and I'm usually happy to run whatever the hell people are up for though I don't have all the free time in the world to play. Something that really clicked for me was, during Triforce event, hitting level 200 on any character for the first time ever, which was my RAmarl HMK (previously I'd only gotten as high as about 192~6..? on a RAmarl also named HMK on Schthack, and before that was my HUmar on GC at 186).


Other stuff uuuuhhhhhhhhh

- I've played a lot of other video games, I like RPGs and action games, some of my favourite series are Devil May Cry, Ace Combat, Legend of Heroes, also I dig TWEWY but haven't played Neo yet so spoil it and I block you idk

- I also currently play in and run a couple Dungeons & Dragons games

- I don't watch a ton of anime but I've seen a few here and there

- I like reading

- Sometimes I stream at https://twitch.tv/SundarkSoldier

- I'm mad interested in learning to mod/create content (quests or whatever) for this game because I'm a modding fiend so up-to-date resources/guides/links would be welcome

- no my RAmar named Mobius does NOT mean I'm the Mobius everyone keeps asking me if I am, it's just an Ace Combat 4 reference so chill and let me pretend his Agastya is jet wings in peace ty

- I wrote the stickied thread for PSO on the GC on the GameFAQs forums way back in the day and generally consider myself pretty knowledgeable about PSO but there's still stuff I'm learning about real high-level strats or Ultima-specific stuff


Anyway das wassup

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formatting probably
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damn i can relate to this in so many ways, i was x23 on shthack, and only made it to 164 on my marl before getting addicted on this server just before triforce, also hitting 200 for the first time. previously i was playing smash/SF5 and valorant. Welcome man! hit me up if you wanna run some missions or even run a set on smash

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