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13 hours ago, Rivaul said:

How's it going? I have some Top items for sale. If you are interested in something you can comment on this post, write me PM or contact me by discord (Sessho#2021) I recommend more discord. (This is a quick sale, my store will be back very soon with more things :rf-03:)

>Lindcray [0/50/0/35|55]>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>40 Dts/320 pds

>TypeME/Mechgun +30 [0/0/0/1|70] [Demon's]>45 Dts/360 pds
>Yasminkov 2000H +10 [0/0/0/35|75] [Hell]>>>35 Dts/280 


I am Interested In the TpeME mechgun demon special and hell yasminkov :D


(not Interested In the lindcray. Just wanted to say.... That Lindcray Is Identical to the one I got on 2020 Valentine event. What are the chances...  ( °_ʖ °) :onion122:


Edit: I am sorry, I misread the Yasminkov 2000H for a Yasminkov 9000M.... 
I'm backing down from buying anything now :onion-head19:

Edited by Kotta
Misread Yasminkov for 9000M......
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