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Lost My Booty (Pants) - Mini Event

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Side note but may be important: if ANYONE else is interested in this please still leave a comment incase the named players can’t make it. Even vets that don’t need the drops as then we can just trial run it.

If no one really makes it I’ll reschedule during summer when more are online but I really want to do this as something a bit different and better than just making a “drop room” as then they are still sort of earning something? so let’s hope people show!

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46 minutes ago, CJC said:

personal message on here?

what is the name of the room?

Yeah on here and I’ll just name it Event for clarity. I wouldn’t bother to password it but want to make sure everyone gets their spot, if someone doesn’t show after 10 mins I’ll Remove password from the room though so be around at 16:00 GMT (if unsure about what that is in your area can use a converter on google)

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12 minutes ago, CJC said:

ok thanks

what exactly does this event involve?

I’ll be clearing some areas on episode 1 normal mode of mobs and hiding rare items around the areas. You simply have to go find them and they’re yours. Can start in any area. If I clear them all or not I’ll confirm tomorrow in game but they’ll be a lot of hidden items to grab

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So here are some rules and suggestions for clarity:


No floor reader addon


Clear your inventory! You wont need to fight anything unless you want to take De Rol down, and can telepipe back for gear.

Having most of your inventory free will allow you to pick up more.


I can't clear what mobs drop so anything I drop will either be red boxes or a bit more hidden than just in the centre of an area


Enable Rare Special in the launcher as some items may be untekked


Most of all just have some fun.


I'm gonna start clearing the areas in about 20 mins if anyone wants to help, but you'll have to leave the room before event otherwise youd know the drops removing the fun!


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21 minutes ago, CJC said:

how to enable rare special?

In launcher options but dont worry now.

Event is running 10 mins late @Gurei @CJC

Password will be sent in 10 mins

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Posted (edited)

Thank you to everyone who made this happen and who played. Hope you enjoyed it and got some useful stuff.

Again CJC, have a browse on the forum for some optimal gear for your character and use trade centre to buy some stuff with the PDs.




I will do this again on a bigger scale sometime later in the year when I've got more stuff to get rid of, and if anyone wants to re-use the idea feel free as I'd love to see lots of little events more often.

Also Thanks to @R-78  @serverus etc for the 5xp exp, HHs etc, loads more traffic here already just from that.

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