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Noudle's lil Shop


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3 hours ago, Paneton said:


Hey bro, ur in game? i want to buy these ones

sorry i was running HH


3 hours ago, velorious said:

ill buy the wedding dress

sure, let me know when (im available now)

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Just now, SanicTeam said:

Yo sorry about that, im available right now

room noudle pass a

and no problem about that

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34 minutes ago, Sharky112 said:

Hey there,


I'd like to buy this from you, if you still have it:  Banana Cannon [0/0/35/25|0]  25 PDs


Thank you


yes i do

are you available now ?

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Mother Garb+ [DEF: 8/EVP: 1] [Slots: 2]  
Ophelie Seize [40/35/30/0|0]            
Rage De Feu [0/0/0/0|35]            
Banana Cannon [0/20/30/0|0]             
Psycho Wand [0/40/0/25|0] [Untekked]
Girasole [35/0/30/20|0]
Madam's Umbrella [0/0/0/0|40]
Lieutenant Mantle [DEF: 19/EVP: 18] [Slots: 0]
Vampire Cloak [DEF: 94/EVP: 49] [Slots: 4]
Trap Search



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