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Unable to launch game [Windows 10]

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I've checked the FAQs.

I have worked my way through the various display resolution options (most in windowed mode and virtual full screen), but every time the window just automatically closes.

I am running as administrator and have set compatibility mode to Windows 7 and I also have vc_redist.x64.exe installed, both of which I saw suggested in other topics.

Any ideas?

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there is a few settings in the launcher that could cause similar problem, can you look in launcher options that IME, cpu reduction, test sever options are unchecked.

 also not sure that you need to run in win 7 compatibility mode , win 10 runs the game pretty great as is for me

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same, defaults here.  defender virus exclusion on folder.  display is custom window size (to native 3k resolution on my device) and hud 640 x 480.  32 bit virtual full screen.  word wrap on, vsync on, high res hud off.  windows 10 2004 (latest).  graphics  skip 0, shadows 0, other sliders to max.  vertex fog, other 2 unchecked.  if you installed another psobb reinstall ultima -- settings can overwrite each other.

EDIT:  no compatibility mode; not sure what the other is, a library?  this is a development pc so i have plenty of libraries.  check your logs for an error on close.  check for 3rd party software that might affect screen -- maybe disable something suspect in startup.

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