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So, I don't want to start a huge sob story thread, but I feel a connection to PSO that can't be denied.

I played on Dreamcast, Gamecube and Blue Burst Sega, then Schtserv from the time PSO launched, to the summer of 2014.

My brother and I had so many accounts on Schtserv, at least 5 each.  Multiple thousands of hours on each, and we never stayed away from PSO completely for more than a few months at a time.  No matter what was going on in our lives individually, we always came back to this game, usually around the same time, without knowing the other was playing. 

Phantasy Star Online was the one thing he and I had that transcended everything in our lives.  Even if we were mad at each other, we could play PSO with no hesitation. 

His name was Flig on Sega/Schtserv.  FLiG or Fligilly_Quarf lmao...  I played usually as Strength for male characters and Faith for female characters.  We were in a lot of different teams but our most prolific was NoSkillJustLuck.

I've dedicated my life to my brother since he took his own life in September 2014.  When Schtserv wiped it was like the end of an era for me.  I stayed away from the game until today, when I finally figured out I was past the part of my grief journey that made me feel like I couldn't touch PSO without him ever again.  I'm so glad I installed Ultima.

I had a really awesome experience with a few players in my first couple of hours too!  So thank you big time to ToBoGuRo who gave me 2 cents, and some good ranger guns!  Thank you big time to Clappy, who traded with another user to give me a v101 and a Chu mag that let me equip better stuff!  You guys rock!  Thank you for taking a huge bite out of the early level grinds for a new user . I'm beyond rusty, and have a ton I need to remember and relearn.  But Ultima has been a terrific experience and if it's like that on day 1, I can't wait til I get myself back to the levels I used to play at.  It's gonna be a lot of fun!

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Welcome! I joined a couple months back and I'm still having a blast. If you see me in game (name is Jon) give me shout and I'll help you out as well.

And don't let all the spam bots in the chat box scare you off, they can't help themselves

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