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More materials from some section IDs?

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Am I just getting really lucky on this character or are certain colors more likely to find power, def, etc materials? I got to level 105 I think on a Yellowboze and probably found less than 10, then started a Viridia so I can go get a Standstill Shield and in the 5 hours I played last night I must have found twice that.


My old Viridia on gamecube seemed to find a lot too but I've never had a comparison until now.

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Refer to the drop table...


You'll see that basically all IDs will get mats of all varieties, but some will get more mats than others, usually due to a certain monster's drop rate.

Some of the rarest, like luck mats, are only found through the rarest of monsters, like Sinow Zele.

Comparisons of drop rates from the original PSO (v1) are not really comparable here due to this being the latest version of PSO, PSOBB (for PC, i.e. version 3!) and the fact this is a modded PSOBB server.  I'm sure drop rates have been tweaked for quite a few items compared to the original PSO's (v1) drop rates.

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I think what you're referring to is that mats can drop from almost everything, which is different from mats dropping from enemies on the drop table. I believe the way it works is all enemies have a drop-anything rate (DAR), and when that is passed, the enemy will either drop it's rare (from the drop table) or something from a list of items, including mats, orange and blue boxes, pd, meseta, etc. If DAR isn't passed, the enemy drops nothing.

I'm not 100% sure if this list of non-rare drops changes from section IDs, but I wouldn't be too surprised. I remember reading a guide on pso-world that mentioned certain IDs finding certain non-rare things more often, like Skyly finding orange box swords and power mats more often than Pinkal, for example.

Hope this answers your question, and if not, someone with more knowledge about the game can answer :v

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You are talking about these



I'm not sure if PSOBB use the same rates, or if Ultima changed them though

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Yeah I'm guessing Vidiria may be better for those. I had intended on deleting this character once I got that shield but I may keep it lol. Trying to get my GC character back as close as I can and I used a whole lot of materials on there. I think I actually hit the limit on them.

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