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What exactly do you want to do with the file ? Do you want to replace a texture for an item ?.

If you just want to replace an existing texture for an item, you open the "ItemTextureEp4.afs" with the afs loader and extract the ".prs" file you want to change.

From that point onward you wont touch the "ItemTextureEp4.afs" again.

You extract the ".dds" file from the ".prs"-file with the "texture manager" and change it with your image-editing software of your choice (Gimp, Paint.net).

Once you changed the ".dds"-file to your liking, put it back into the extracted ".prs"- file and place the edited ".prs" file into the "Psobb/data/items/texture" folder.

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this is not good my launcher redownload itemTextureEP4.afs :/

if i stop ItemTextureEP4.afs downloading the skin is run...

i whont  stop this download.

(i apply a afp patch)

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Yea, now you extract the prs file for the specific weapon skin from the afs file, and put it in the psobb/data/items/texture folder, and soly's dll will recognize to use that file instead of what is in the afs. This way the game updates don't mess with your skins (we need to update the afs whenever we add new weapons to the game, but your skin files are seperate now so they don't get messed with), and it's much easier to mix and match skins, turning them off and on as you choose by simply moving the prs files to/from the folder. Here is a step by step instruction of how to do all this


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