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Hey everyone, im o(b0666 in the game. I have a lvl 77 force, from alot of TTF's, i just started a week or so ago. Im just wondering what in EP1 are good quests to do to obtain some good items, weapons, mags, and high meseta payouts? I am broke, and could use a good mind mag but feeding one is expensive, and cant really afford playing a force let alone feed a mag too.


Im open to EP2 and 4 also, but never played those, just 1. I dont mind playing for stuff, but dont know where to go. Also, are they single player quests, or multi? i can get through most of the game ep1 on hard alone with no problems, kinda prefer alone quests so we're not both in a rush to grab an item before others do, but will do multi player quests.


Also, if anyone wants to binge play, around 930 10 eastern time tonight im on all night and into morning.



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Since the mini event is on just now encouraging everyone to make baranz launchers there should be a few more meseta rooms popping up over the next week :)

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