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PD Shop


Charge Launcher (0/0/0/20/50) 1 PD

Charge Launcher (0/0/0/20/50) 1 PD

Charge Launcher (0/0/0/20/50) 1 PD

Charge Launcher (0/0/0/20/50) 1 PD

Charge Launcher (0/0/0/20/50) 1 PD

Lame D'Argent (0/0/35/45) 12 PDs

Untekked Phoenix Claw (0/0/0/0) 1 PD

Shouren (0/0/0/0) 2 PDs

Stag Cutlery (30/0/0/0) 1 PD

Snake Spire 1 PD

Snake Spire 1 PD

Asuka (0/0/0/0) 1 PD

Sacred Duster (0/0/30/0) 1 PD

Sacred Duster (0/35/35/0) 1 PD

Sacred Duster (0/0/25/35) 1 PD

Vivienne (0/0/35/0/35) 2 PDs

Vivienne (25/0/40/30) 2 PDs

Vivienne (0/45/35/0) 1 PD

Vivienne (0/0/0/35) 1 PD

Vivienne (0/0/40/40) 1 PD

Vivienne (0/0/35/30) 1 PD

Vivienne (0/20/5/0) 1 PD

Vivienne (0/0/20/0) 1 PD

Vivienne (0/25/40/35) 1 PD

Sange (0/25/30/0) 1 PD

Fire Scepter: Agni 1 PD

Ice Staff: Dagon 1 PD

Rianov 303SNR 1 PD

Fatsia 1 PD

Caduceus 1 PD

Twinkle Star 1 PDs

Branch of Pakupaku 1 PD

Daisy Chain 1 PD

Yunchang (0/0/30/0) 1 PD

Daylight Scar (0/0/0/40) 2 PD

Crazy Tune 1 PDs


Select Cloak 1 PD

Select Cloak 1 PD

Yata Mirror x3 1 PD per

Black Hound Cuirass 1 PD

Gizonde Merge 1 PD

Razonde Merge 1 PD

Blue Ring 1 PD

Stink Shield x2 1 PD per

Regenerate Gear B.P. 1 PD

Custom Barrier ver.00 1 PD per


God/HP 1 PD

v801 1 PD

Heavenly/Mind x1 1 PD per

Smartlink (offer. not quite sure)


(coming soon)


Tablet x2 1 PD

Heart of Morolian x2 1 PD

Heaven Striker Coat 1 PD

Panther's Tail 1 PD

2-for-1 Bin:


God/Mind x4

Tanegashima (0/20/0/0)

Silence Claw (30/15/30)

Alive Aqhu

Silence Claw (30/15/30/0)

Club of Laconium

Club of Laconium

Club of Laconium

Mace of Adaman

Rabbit Wand

Morning Prayer

Lieutenant Gear

Alliance Uniform

Heavenly/Body x4

Decalog x4 (0/0/0/0)

Justy-23ST (0/0/0/30)

Justy-23ST (0/0/0/30)

Wals-MK2 (25/25/0/0)

Victor Axe (25/30/0/0)

Victor Axe (0/0/0/30)

Victor Axe (0/0/0/0)


Diska of Braveman (0/20/0/0)

Guilty Light (30/0/0/0)


Psycho Wand

Merc Rod

Glide Divine

Sorcerers Cane

Summit Moon

Striker of Chao


Adept/Limiter x2 (Big Want)

Heavenly/Technique (Big Want)

High-Stat Aura Field

Three Seals

Gifoie Merge

Virus Shield: Vol Opt

Mag Mind


Offering to sell the following mags:

Pow Sato (5/150/45/0) w/ Twins

Mind Sato (5/0/45/150) w/ Twins

Max Mind (15/0/0/185) w/ Twins

Max Pow (11/186/3/0) w/ Twins

Prices: 10pds per Sato, 15pds per max stat mag


1. Given the length of time required to feed mags, half of the mag price will have to be paid upfront (5pds for Sato, 7pds for max stat). This ensures that my time is being paid for. If you choose to cancel the mag order, there will be no refund of the down payment. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

2. If I finish the order and no pick up is made within 2 weeks, I will go ahead and place the mag for sale. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PICK UP THE MAG IN THE INTENDED TIME, PLEASE CONTACT ME. I WILL HOLD THE MAG FOR AS LONG AS YOU NEED.

3. If you have a mag cell you wish to use, please provide it upfront. This will make the mag feeding process much faster.

4. If there is a specific color of mag you'd want and you have it on you, provide it upfront when you're paying the down payment.

5. Even if you place the order, I will not start it until I receive the down payment. Once the payment is made, I'll begin the process immediately.

6. This shop will be off and on due to schooling/me being busy. Just be aware of that.

It takes up to 3-5 days to get mags finished. If I happen to exceed the timeline due to school/life/etc. I will notify you.

Orders awaiting Down Payment:




Current Orders being made:




Finished Orders awaiting Pickup:




Finished Orders:

[CURRENTLY CLOSED: Limiter Unsealing]

Only unsealing limiters for the time being. The time it will take to get them unsealed will vary.

Prices are based on how much kills are already on the Limiter, not on how much kills I will get for you.


Killcount at 0: 10PDs

Killcount between 5000 - 10000: 8PDs

Killcount between 10000 - 15000: 6PDs

Killcount 15000+: 4PDs

Open Slots:





Finished and Awaiting Pick Up:

Finished Orders:

I will immediately notify you when your Limiter has been completely unsealed. If you need me to hold onto it for a certain amount of time, feel free to PM me. I can also unseal Proof of Sword Saints, so if you got any, throw them my way.

The payment will be done after I full unseal it. If you choose to pay upfront, feel free to do so.

If at anytime you choose to cancel your order on the unsealing, I'll just give you back your Limiter, free of charge.

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